The Commonwealth - many layers of deception

Ram Selva seeds at
Thu Jun 7 17:45:00 BST 2012

Sri Lanka was to be the venue of of CHOGM 2009! When the current 
British monarch was crowned it was also for 7 independent commonwealth 
states which included Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) and newly engineered 

Is it not amazing that the British Commonwealth would try so hard to 
get another of its core institutions to deviate and limit further 


Peter Kellner from the Royal Commonwealth Society goes on national TV 
on an important issue and puts it on as if he is all serious while 
hiding the fact the duty of Sri Lanka to host its round of Commonwealth 
Heads of Government bash (CHOGM) is long overdue.

Peter Kellner also avoids further focus on the Golden Diamond Mining 
Jubilee event to Shape Global Capitalism [*], in The City - where 
Mahinda Rajapaksa's keynote address was canceled. The secretive 
membership of the Commonwealth Business Forum seems to be the way for 
're-absorption' of most serious criminals back in to the 'International 
Community' (Museveni, Kagame etc.)

One of  a series of cables that expose how the many Commonwealth 
institutions in London conspire with or take orders from the US Embassy 
explains well how the CHOGM in 2009 and then 2011 were reassigned to 
other venues *due to the direct insistence of the UK PM Brown*. They 
were clear attempts to hide the most heinous crime - Commonwealth 
citizens numbers exceeding 100,000 are believed butchered by a head of 
state who denies that any civilian was killed!


HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES (original version)
Identifier: 	09LONDON2819
Origin: 	Embassy London
Created: 	2009-12-15 16:47:00
(see section on Sri Lanka and Rwanda ... annexing of Rwanda at the last 
CHOGM to other leaked cables on relationship between the 'embarrassing' 
English monarchy are all related informative sources)


[*] The state of the English Commonwealth : Mining,Land banking  to 
Genocidaires, Despots ... everything dodgy!

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