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Pls spread word about New Putney Debates 28.10 - And see post at

*Unfinished business of England's October Revolution*

In the early days of October some 365 years ago, the Levellers movement
began drafting two documents that would become the political high points of
the English Revolution which had developed out of the civil war between
King Charles I and Parliament.

 *The Case of the Armie Truly
* was published on October 15, 1647 and by the end of the month, the
Levellers had also produced *An Agreement of the People for a firm and
present peace upon grounds of common

 Occupy London working groups are holding a series of
events<http://www.thenewputneydebates.wordpress.com/> as
the New Putney Debates this month and next, and on November 17 an
Assembly<http://www.aworldtowin.net/about/event17Nov2012.html> will
be held in London to work on a new Agreement of the People. Both events
provide opportunities to complete the unfinished business of England’s
October Revolution.

 Whole blog at http://www.aworldtowin.net/blog/englandoct.html
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