What ended India's Land March

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Sun Oct 14 00:48:48 BST 2012


A massive protest march 
involving tens of thousands of India's poorest people came to an abrupt 
halt Thursday, short of its New Delhi destination, after the central 
government agreed to introduce a national policy to give land to the 

The Ministry of Rural Development has agreed to craft the policy with 
the help of the march's organizers, particularly non-profit group Ekta 
Parishad. An agreement between the government and the march organizers 
includes promises by the Ministry to draft this policy in the next four 
to six months and to pressure states to protect land rights of lower 
classes and set up fast-track courts to deal with land issue.

Nearly 200 million Indians live in illegal slums, according to the 
United Nations, where they face eviction and constant disruption. Tens 
of millions more in rural areas don't own the land they farm or live on.

Read the full agreement 
between the Ministry and the march organizers.

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