'The environmental Taliban': George Osborne slams Parliamentary climate change campaigners

chris morton crisscross at evendine.eclipse.co.uk
Thu Oct 18 09:26:50 BST 2012

The cons are reverting to type, ie regarding any environmental improvement as a 'luxury' that can only be afforded as a result of 'growth'. A curious inversion from educated people; perhaps proof that being educated at Eton is something they should have been protected from.

What is more worrying is that the 'black herring' of carbon obsession has gone a stage further in that nukes are now included in the 'green' sector. It is very difficult to find out much about the French model, but it seems pretty obvious that if figures are twisted round to make nukes buildable, they will not even be of the safest (English trans: least dangerous) design.

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