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david bangs dave.bangs at virgin.net
Wed Sep 12 16:56:50 BST 2012

I hear from several sources that there is a 'live' proposal in the core TLIO group to dissolve TLIO and give away all TLIO's money. Such a move would be irresponsible and undemocratic.

This 'liquidationist' proposal, which has been debated in secret over some time, has NOT been put to any of the more-than-300 attendees at last October's brilliant TLIO revival gathering, or to any other organisations doing land politics, or to any folk who regard themselves as part of the TLIO 'family'.

There has NOT been any attempt to organise the upsurge of interest that the October gathering demonstrated...no proposed membership scheme, no financial report backs, no draft of a constitution, no proposal for an elected core group, elected officers, and mechanisms of accountability...

Let's not let all that collective land rights energy dribble away in the hands of that tiny group of demoralised core group folk, bless em.

I know Mark Brown and several other folk (including myself) wish to re-build an INCLUSIVE, DEMOCRATIC campaigning body dedicated to land reform.

There is talk of a re-convened gathering next year to shoulder all the organisational tasks which were sadly omitted from the agenda of last year's gathering.

Do contact me if you feel this is a good idea... dave.bangs at virgin.net  Tel: 01273 620 815

Dave Bangs 
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