[Diggers350] Why A British Physics Teacher Stopped Believing The 9/11 Myth

chris morton crisscross at evendine.eclipse.co.uk
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There is an excellent series of 5 articles "Making sense of 9/11" by Richard Ramsbotham in New View magazine (http://www.newview.org.uk/new_view.htm), sorry I won't extract as the magazine has financial problems and being totally independent it is a case where I respect its copyright. You should be able to borrow it from most Steiner Schools or Camphill Communities or buy back copies.

As well as being upto date and including a vast number of on-line references, the series is important as it deals as much with how the US administration went about creating a total myth and obstructed all normal investigation, as with the overwhelming evidence against the official story. The official account wouldn't last for 5 minutes were it not for the fact that the idea that a government could do this to its own citizens has been made almost literally "unthinkable".

Although readers of this list have considerable immunity to government and corporate bullshitting, it is still a sophisticated and  evolving process and it is essential to understand it if the 95% (?) of the population who do not question the status quo are ever to be woken up and de-brainwashed.

On 11 Sep 2012, at 21:18, Tony Gosling wrote:

We still have the right to know the truth…

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