Syngenta shooting from Exeter

Ram Selva seeds at
Mon Sep 24 14:37:11 BST 2012

The ´news´ Syngenta put out on Friday featuring a Dr Cresswell at 

Honeybee homicide case against Syngenta pesticide unproven


  LONDON | Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:50am BST

(Reuters) - British scientists have shot down a study on declining 
honeybee populations that triggered a French ban on a pesticide made by 
Swiss agrochemicals group Syngenta.


The research was apparently initiated by DEFRA.
Is DEFRA so dependent on Syngenta´s thiamethoxam?

Only scratching the surface slightly ...

This is what Exeter Uni website itself says:

Syngenta Bioline

In September 2009, the University completed a 10 year exclusive licence 
deal with Syngenta Bioline Ltd in relation to a patent for an 
anti-fungal/anti-microbial agent for use in crop-protection (a massive 
global issue). In return, the University will receive a percentage 
revenue share of any global sales of product deriving from this 
Intellectual Property.

Thats Cresswell admiring his pickings in the photo [1]

note: the Website data could change as it has been the case with the 
queen bee´s info a Rothamstead Reasearch [2]

The queen bee, Juliet Osborne, herself, left Syngenta funded and run 
Rothamsted Research in summer to go to Exeter [3] !
One wonders what ´Farm Scale Evaluation of GM crops´ as listed as one 
of her interests is?

[2] Oh well Rothamstead Research has now removed he inelegant Webpage 
they were hosting for some time on their long term staff Osborne
Please refer to earlier list mail for digging it out of Internet 
[3] <>


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