Clarissa Dickson-Wright calls on Britons to eat badgers

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This is a traditional recipe from the north east of england and to me 
is the only way to cook badger
1. Remove skin from meat and put into a large saucepan
2. add 1 half bottle of vodka and 2 bottles of newky brown
3. pour in 1 cupfull of fresh orange juice and half a bottle of good 
brandy(stirring all the time)
4. heat for about 45 minutes and then add a full bottle of dark navy rum
5. when mixture is just about to boil open your dustbin and throw in 
the badger meat cos it tastes crap and drink the 
gravy!!!!!!!!!!      BEAUTIFULL

Solution on a plate? Clarissa Dickson Wright of TV's 'Two Fat Ladies' 
calls on Britons to eat badgers
Monday 24 September 2012
Broadcaster and food writer Clarissa Dickson Wright looks set to make 
fur fly after suggesting that Britons should eat badgers, soon after 
a cull licence was issued for Gloucestershire.
The former star of TV's Two Fat Ladies said she enjoyed eating the 
creatures - now a protected species - when she was younger, and 
believes people should consume the bodies of animals which are killed 
as a result of the culling. Her comments have drawn condemnation from 
Queen star and badger campaigner Brian May who dismissed her views.
Badgers have recently come under scrutiny amid fears they may spread 
tuberculosis to cattle, which led to the issue of the licence.
Dickson Wright, who has championed country sports, said we should eat 
the animals.
"It would solve the problem. There's going to be a cull, so rather 
than just throw them in the landfill site why not eat them?" she said 
in an interview with the Press Association.
She went on: "There are too many badgers. It's very interesting - the 
reason at certain times of the year you see so many dead badgers on 
the road is that the badgers throw out their old and ill that aren't 
going to survive the winter. I would have no objection to eating 
badgers. I have no objection to eating anything very much, really."
Dickson Wright, who has just published her new book Clarissa's 
England, said centuries ago the badger had been widely consumed. And 
when she was younger it was still a popular bar snack.
"Staple food of the population, well before rabbit because rabbit was 
a luxury food," she said. "Rabbit in the middle ages cost a man's 
week's wages for a single rabbit. People ate badger because badger 
was plentiful."
May, who has spent many months mobilising efforts against the cull, 
was unimpressed by her "senseless" views. The musician recently urged 
people to boycott milk which had been produced in areas where culls 
were taking place.
He said: "I think we should seriously consider eating senseless 
people like this Clarissa whoever-she-is. She's obviously outlived 
her usefulness. I wonder if she would be best boiled or braised."
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