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  Stop the badger cull 
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  Dear Alison, 

Thousands of British badgers face slaughter in a Government-sanctioned cull which is a misguided attempt to protect cattle from TB.

The cull is imminent. I urgently need your help to try to stop it.

IFAW strongly opposes the cull, which would see the licensed free-shooting of badgers by farmers. Such a method has never been tested before and could lead to badgers suffering slow, painful deaths after being injured by inexperienced shooters.

Sadly, the first licences have already been issued and the killings could begin within days.

We are working with musician and campaigner Brian May and other animal welfare groups to fight this cruel and unnecessary cull. We recently unveiled a giant billboard in London to draw attention to the issue and ask people to take action.

Please voice your opposition now.

We have now reached more than 100,000 signatures on the 'Stop the badger cull' petition on the UK Government petition site in just a few days. Please add your name and then ask your friends and family to do the same. We need as many signatures as possible to show the strength of public opposition.

Please also contact your local MP and urge them to speak out against the slaughter.

As the cull would not be selective, many healthy badgers would be among those killed. And there's a danger that the cull could get out of control - badger populations could be reduced by more than 70%.

IFAW and others believe that the scientific reasoning behind the proposed cull is fundamentally flawed. Eminent scientists and wildlife experts say it will not significantly reduce incidents of bovine TB.

In fact, culling badgers could even help to spread bovine TB further - killing badgers in one area will cause others to take over their territory, increasing the movement of badgers from one area to another.

It would also go against the views of the overwhelming majority of the UK public who wish to see British wildlife protected.

IFAW supports humane and efficient alternatives to culling, such as vaccination of badgers, which has been adopted as a solution in Wales. 

Please be sure to sign our petition today. We will continue to campaign against the slaughter and will bring you more updates shortly.

Thank you for your support. 


Robbie Marsland
IFAW UK Director       
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Stop the badger cull 
I urgently need your help to try to stop this cull.                              
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