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Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Sun Sep 30 22:29:05 BST 2012

Hello All

I set up a FB page 5 days ago called 3 Day Weekend which now has over
80 likes. My reasoning for this is as follows

British / western people generally work long but unproductive hours,
with stress and unemployment levels high and quality time for friends,
family, creativity and community in short supply, so perhaps now is
the time - perhaps linked to a change in minimum wage levels - for an
official 3 day weekend/ 4 day working week. I want to see this page
grow and turn into a vibrant on-line space, group and then maybe some
demos and eventually who knows maybe we all strike on a Friday ;)

At this stage to develop the page as well as getting more people to
look at it, like and share I need to post some good stats, links and
general info to support the idea for example i know there is research
to show that we could be more productive if we worked shorter hours,
also about how it could impact on unemployment levels. And presumably
there must be loads on how the hours people work affects mental
health, and on the need for more time with family, for creativity and
so forth.

Does anyone have any pointers?

If you like the idea please do like and share, and even better if you
would like to help me populate the page with more info let me know and
i'll make you an admin :)

Here's the page

Thanks for listening :)


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