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*The New Putney Debates *

Occupy London will be celebrating the 365th  year anniversary of the Putney
Debates by holding a series of events inspired by the Levellers and Diggers
demands for social justice, civil rights and access to the land.

The programme of events is scheduled between 27th October and 11th November
2012, and the venue for some will be St. Mary’s Church in Putney where the
Debates started on 28th October 1647.

The Civil War saw our ancestors rise up against oppression by the King and
feudal lords to fight for the many of the democratic rights we enjoy today.
The Levellers in the New Model Army made radical demands for an more equal
society with an  expanded franchise, freedom of conscience & speech,
equality under the law and for a sovereign parliament that obeyed the will
of the people.

Today our civil rights are under threat , our vote no longer seems to count
and inequality is increasing. Austerity,  privatisation,  rising public and
private debt threaten our access to health care , education and housing.
There  is no evidence that the lessons have been learned from the 2008
financial crisis and banking bailout.

The New Putney Debates will discuss why our so called ‘democracy’ is
failing us and how we can address the enormous challenges of our time.

Speakers include Richard Wilkinson (The Spirit Level), Natalie Bennett (new
Leader of the Green Party), Michael Mansfield QC, George Monbiot, John
McDonnell MP and Professor Conor Gearty.

Throughout the New Putney Debates there will be an emphasis on public
participation, in the spirit of 1647, when it was said that England was "A
Nation of Prophets" . [1]

[1] The World Turned Upside Down. Christopher Hill 1991

27 October

 *Economics & Democracy*
* *
*Rising inequality, the cause of the crisis; restoration & beyond - towards
solution                *
*The Spirit Level & its critics – Good for the 100%?*
Kate Picket / Richard Wilkinson:

*Tax Avoidance, Evasion & Havens*: *How it is, what to do*

*Transitioning to Commoning and Co-ops* John Courtneidge
*Occupy economic roadmap *Lightning introduction tour

   - *Little Book of Ideas*

 Lincoln House.
75 Westminster Bridge Rd. SE1 7HS

28 October

2 - 6pm
 *The English Revolution, Putney Debates & the making of the British
Constitution *
with Occupy Real Democracy
*What would a real democracy look like ?*
with John McDonnell MP and others

28 October

 *“A light shining in Buckinghamshire”*
Rehearsed reading and discussion of Caryl Churchill’s 1976 play which looks
at the events of the English Revolution. The second half of the play
focuses on the conflict within the New Model Army between the senior
officers (the Grandees) and the Agitators, who stood for the interests of
the ordinary men and women. The Putney Debates reached their peak on 28
October 1647, when a document called An Agreement of the People, prepared
by those who wanted a democratic republic, is presented to the General
Council of the Army. The play’s name is taken from a 1648 tract written by
the Diggers, who sought to create egalitarian farming communities in a
challenge to the land-owning classes.
 St Mary’s Church
  Monday 29 October
6 pm

 *S**ocially useful banking *Public discussion led by Andy Haldane (Bank of
England Exec Director, Financial Stability).  With Duncan Weldon (TUC
Senior Economist) and Dominic Lindley (Which? Head of Financial Services
Policy).  Further speakers tbc.
For further info, visit'
 Friends’ Meeting House
73 Euston Rd. NW1 2BJ
  Thursday 1 November

 *Land & Democracy *
George Monbiot,  Natalie Bennett - Leader Green Party
Oxfam- Kate Geary
Runnymead Diggers
Pete the Temp

 St Mary’s Church /Hall
3 November


 *Law & Democracy*

*Does the legal system serve the people or private interests? *
With Conor Gearty & Michael Mansfield.
Short introduction on how the legal system works, who it benefits and how
law supports capitalism.
*Do we need a new civil rights movement? *
Mel Strickland on the Community Bill of Rights
Michael Mansfield on National Civil Rights Movement
Conor Gearty and others

 St Mary’s Church or Hall
  Sunday 4 November

10:30- 6pm
 *Capitalism is Crisis *
*(another world is possible)*

The sessions on capital, power and the state will tell a story of
capitalism. They will explore the character of the capitalist process that
is continuing to tear up the planet and to exterminate its inhabitants. The
purpose of the sessions is to investigate why we are doomed, and also how
we might escape the doom. Speakers. Discussion. Workshop.


  Tuesday 6 November
 *The Charter of the Forest*
The Charter of the Forest emerged from the Magna Carta - and gave commoning
rights to the people of the forest . 6 November 2012 will be the 795

  Thursday 8 November
 *Tax Injustice & Solutions + *
*taming finance with Network Banking*
Friends Meeting House
  Friday 9 November
 *New Economy- *
Clive Menzies and Clive Janos
 St Mary’s Church / Hall
10 November

11am - 5pm

*Food & Democracy**
*with Helena Paul , Danny Chivers
Biofuelwatch & others

*Energy & Democracy* with Jeremy Leggett & Fuel Poverty Action Group &

*Law, Environment & Democracy*
Polly Higgins &
Mel Strickland

 Lincoln House.
75 Westminister. Bridge Rd

  Sunday 11 November


*An Agreement of the People 2012*

Summary /conclusion / action workshops

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