Spainsh Farmers protest Euro-madness

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Fri Apr 26 01:22:55 BST 2013

EU in crisis: Public trust hits record low as Europe braces for more protests

Published time: April 25, 2013 13:03
Farmers holds placards during a demonstration called by UPA (Union of 
Small Farmers and Stockbreeders) to protest against cuts in the 
agriculture sector, in front of the European Union headquarters in 
the center of  Madrid

Public confidence in the EU has hit an all-time low in the bloc's six 
biggest countries, a new poll has revealed. Thousands are expected to 
hit the streets in Spain against a new round of reforms as 
unemployment passed the 6.2-million mark.

Statistics from Eurobarometer show a dizzying slump in citizen trust 
of the EU across the bloc's six biggest countries. The new poll, 
published in the Guardian on Thursday, surveyed Britain, France, 
Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, whose combined populations make up 
more than two-thirds of the EU.

Mistrust is particularly high in protest-stricken Spain, which has 
seen the most significant reduction of confidence, according to the 
poll: In 2007, 23 percent of the population declared their mistrust 
in the EU, while by November 2012 this figure had leapt to 72 percent.

Mistrust in Poland and Italy has also risen, with 42 percent of 2012 
respondents in Poland critical of the EU, with the figure rising from 
28 percent of Italians in 2007 to 53 percent of Italians in 2012. In 
the UK, Euroskepticism was already high in 2007, with 49 percent of 
poll respondents declaring their mistrust; this figure has also risen 
to 69 percent.

The poll results were analyzed by the European Council on Foreign 
Relations, an EU think tank.

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