Yesterday in Egypt - son of OSS/CIA Op. Paperclip boss calls it 'inevitable'

Zardoz tony at
Thu Aug 15 12:52:23 BST 2013

CIA's Frank Wisner (son of opn paperclip boss) calls yesterdays massacre 'inevitable'

Netanyahu and Kerry MUST have given a green light for this 
 Our old friend son of Operation Paperclip CIA Nazi Frank Wisner as much as says so here explaining the army crackdown on the MB camps was 'inevitable'. 

 US Secretary of State John Kerry has called the situation in Egypt "deplorable" and appealed for calm. 
 "The United States strongly condemns today's bloodshed and violence across Egypt," he said. 
 Host Marco Werman talks with former US Ambassador to Egypt, Frank Wisner, about his view of the events, and how the United States should respond. 

Killings mark return of security state 
 "Those who remain silent [or are just talk like Hague, Kerry] in the face of this massacre are as guilty as those who carried it out. The UN Security Council must convene quickly," Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish prime minister, told a news conference in Ankara early on Thursday. 

Rather makes the Nazis 1938 Kristallnacht, where Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria were attacked on 9–10 November 1938, look tame. 

 Violent crackdown leaves at least 421 dead and 3,572 injured, but opposition says it will march on Egyptian capital today

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