Government to introduce pre-emptive protest injunctions

Paul Mobbs mobbsey at
Fri Aug 16 16:30:45 BST 2013

For activists, e.g. Balcombe and other current such protest sites, the
relevant clause is, "pre-emptive injunctions that protect vulnerable
land in advance from unauthorised encampments".


DCLG press release is at --

The DCLG legal advice to local councils is published in the advice note,
"Dealing with illegal and unauthorised encampments: a summary of
available powers" --


Councils urged to crack down on illegal camps and traveller sites

Planning Portal, 16th August 2013

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has urged local authorities to clamp
down on illegal encampments and unauthorised traveller sites.

His call came as the Department for Communities and Local Government
published a  new guide detailing the range of powers available to local
authorities to remove unauthorised traveller sites, protest camps and
squatters from both public and private land. The guide has been sent to
the leader of every English local authority.

Pickles said: "I want all councils to be ready to take action
straightaway to stop illegal camps and unauthorised sites starting in
the first place. Decisive action early on saves money and unnecessary
upset for local residents.

"We’ve strengthened councils’ powers so they have the confidence to take
decisive action. Too often, council officers wash their hands, and say
nothing can be done. This is not the case.

"The public want to see fair play, with planning rules enforced
consistently, rather than special treatment being given to certain

The measures highlighted include:

# more powerful temporary stop notices to stop and remove unauthorised

# pre-emptive injunctions that protect vulnerable land in advance from
unauthorised encampments

# possession orders to remove trespassers from land;

# police powers to order unauthorised campers to leave land

# powers of entry onto land so authorised officers can obtain
information for enforcement purposes
# determine whether any breach of the rules has taken place

# enforcement notices to remedy any planning breaches

# ensuring sites have valid caravan or tent site licences.

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