Digital commons pioneers get the Guantanamo Bay treatment

Tony Gosling tony at
Thu Dec 19 00:56:21 GMT 2013

What do you make of this?
To me it looks like the beginning of the end of file sharing but is 
that a good thing?
How many copyright owners want to see infringers treated like this?
And as a civil offence surely the guy should be sued for damages not 
banged up on criminal charges in solitary?

December 2013, 00:17

Pirate Bay founder's mother calls her son's life in Danish prison a torture


Gottfrid Svartholm

Photo: EPA

Mother of co-founder of The Pirate Bay BitTorrent site Gottfrid 
Svartholm Warg, who was detained in Denmark in September, says that 
staying in full isolation in prison is like a torture for her son. 
Kristina Svartholm Warg says that her son is allowed to see the other 
prisoners only twice a week. He is being treated like a dangerous 
criminal. He is not allowed to have any personal belongings in his 
cell, even the books that he brought from Sweden were confiscated.

She says that she felt disgusted after visiting her son in prison. 
She stressed that while the court proceedings continue her son should 
be treated properly and not like a criminal.

Svartholm was arrested in Cambodia in August 2012 at the request of 
Swedish authorities and deported to his native country. In June 2013 
he was found guilty of taking part in a hacker's attack against the 
Swedish IT company Logica that provided services to the local tax 
administration and the Nordea bank. Svartholm was sent to jail for 
two years. In addition, he is facing a 6-year imprisonment in Denmark 
where he is charged with stealing the CSC company's data that 
contained local police records.

Gottfrid Svartholm, a 29-year-old Swedish computer expert, is widely 
known as a co-founder of the world's largest BitTorrent site The 
Pirate Bay. It was created in 2003 and soon became one of the most 
popular world websites. The Alexa company's global rating places it 
among the top 100 most visited Internet resources, the 
English-language RT resource reports.

Pirate Bay is moving to North Korea?

The world's best known and most resilient torrent site, The Pirate 
Bay, has issued an official statement about its relocation to 
Pyongyang, North Korea. In a post published on its blog, The Pirate 
Bay condemned the "prosecution of those who believe in freedom of 
information" and stated that the tracker is being relocated to North Korea.

The administrators of the tracker commented on the situation:

"This is truly an ironic situation. We have been fighting for a free 
world, and our opponents are mostly huge corporations from the United 
States of America, a place where freedom and freedom of speech is 
said to be held high. At the same time, companies from that country 
are chasing competitors from other countries, bribing police and 
lawmakers, threatening political parties and physically hunting 
people from our crew. And to our help, comes a government famous in 
our part of the world for locking people up for their thoughts and 
forbidding access to information."

For all external observers, the Pirate Bay servers seem to be 
operating from a North Korean IP address, but CNET has found a German 
IT expert who believes that the owners of The Pirate Bay are 
operating a sophisticated system that tricks observers and gives them 
a false location of the servers. Most likely, the statement of the 
world's best known torrent tracker is a hoax meant to draw attention 
to the fight between The Pirate Bay and pirate parties in Europe on 
one side, and the big media corporations on the other side. During 
the last several years, key members of the Pirate Bay team have been 
sent to jail while the tracker itself had to be relocated several 
times. Now, even the Swedish Pirate Party, a staunch ally of The 
Pirate Bay, can no longer support the tracker because of the legal threats.

Even though the relocation to North Korea is likely just media stunt, 
The Pirate Bay team should seriously consider a real migration to 
Pyongyang. The North Korean authorities are likely to enjoy having a 
way to irk the West, besides advancing its nuclear program. Maybe, a 
North Korean Pirate Bay could become reality.
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