Dramatic decline in industrial agriculture could herald 'peak food'

Paul Mobbs mobbsey at gn.apc.org
Sat Dec 21 12:17:41 GMT 2013

A few years ago (roughly 2008-2010) I used to do a talk called 'Energy
and Food' where I looked at the phenomena of 'peak food'...

This interesting paper has just emerged in Nature Communications --

'Distinguishing between yield advances and yield plateaus in historical
crop production trends', Patricio Grassini, Kent M. Eskridge & Kenneth
G. Cassman, Nature Communications vol.4 article 2918, 17th December 2013

Nafeez Ahmed has a good write-up in The Graunad --


Of course, this paper doesn't take a in-depth look at the practical
alternatives to conventional monocrop/intensive agriculture which might
help ameliorate these problems; as outlined by practitioners in various
fields (!) in many different reports, from permaculture to the IAASTD --

See also --



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