Can anyone help us with neighbour issues???

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Sun Dec 22 20:26:05 GMT 2013

Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post but desperate for some help and advice, we have bought a run down house for us and our 2 kids (2 and 4) and we're hoping to be as off grid and self sufficient as possible, I'm an ex van dweller so its all a big change for me! Anyway thats all lovely, however our only neighbour is an awfulbully and seems to have a litigating solicitor as a pet, there is a low privet hedge that runs across the front of our property and has their entrance, driveway on other side, we have deed of release and plan which indicate that this boundary is within our land, the measurements appear to show that the two boundaries physically marked by hedges between our properties are on our land but the neighbours and their lovely solicitor have written to say they own all the boundaries but only with the evidence that they have a statement from a previous owners son (the father built the two houses in the 1950's)saying it was his fathers intention that the hedges/boundaries belong to their property. Our house was sold in 1970 from the man who built it,to the man we bought it from (his estate as he is dead)The neighbours keep threatening us with court if we don't show them the deed of release tho several letters have exchanged hands and no court summons yet! Any advice, we are really skint and looking after 2 small kids and redoing our house with scrap,recycled stuff and found stuff (we're spending xmas rebuilding a scrap rayburn so our kitchen isn't like an ice box!)All ideas and help much appreciated, I know in the big scale of things a couple of hedges and a few foot of land isn't much but we really don't want the bullies next door to scare us into giving away our land. 

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