The lowest tenant of all was the freeholder,

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In English law <> ,
subinfeudation is the practice by which tenants
<> , holding land under
the king or other superior lord, carved out new and distinct tenures in
their turn by sub-letting or alienating
<>  a part of
their lands.[1]

The tenants were termed mesne lords
<> , with regard to those holding
from them, the immediate tenant being tenant in capite. The lowest
<>  tenant of all was the
freeholder <> ,
or, as he was sometimes termed tenant paravail. The Crown, who in theory
owned all lands, was lord paramount
<> .

The great lords looked with dissatisfaction on the increase of such
subtenures. Accordingly in 1290 a statute
<>  was passed, Quia
Emptores <> ,  which allowed
the tenant to alienate whenever he pleased, but the  person to whom he
granted the land was to hold it for the same immediate  lord, and by the
same services as the alienor held it before.


important questions to ask anyone that believes they are a "landlord"

proof of claim that leaseholder and freeholder is not tenant


this remains fact to this day, freeholder is still a tenant......

when will you stop abandoning your lands and become the landlord?

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