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Watch out though - deadline to apply for a grant to go is 16th January!

Global Ecovillage Network Conference - 07. Jul 
2013 - 12. Jul 2013 at Schweibenalp (Switzerland)
7. Jul 2013 - 12. Jul 2013 at Schweibenalp (Switzerland)
Drive together & save rescources
Find your lift or passenger
Offer a lift or announce your search for one

Connecting Communities for a Sustainable World
Ecovillages act as research and training centres 
for sustainable development within wider society. 
Alongside the abundance of networking 
opportunities and the flow of inspiration within 
and between participants, the hosting ecovillage 
of Schweibenalp will serve as a living example 
and field of practice for the themes of this year’s conference.
The mornings offer lectures and after a break a 
more interactive part that focuses on one of the 
four dimensions of sustainability (culture, 
ecology, economy, social). In the afternoon, 
there will be several parallel workshops by 
experienced teachers. These are followed by 
homegroups, where participants meet in groups of 
10-15. The homegroups aim at giving people the 
opportunity to exchange and establish deeper 
connections in a smaller group, meeting the same 
people every day. The program finishes with 
presentations of ecovillage projects in the evenings.
The participants are welcome to share their 
skills and knowledge during an open space session on the last day.

Our hosting partner community
Center of Unity Schweibenalp
We are a community of about 20 people. 
Creativity, compassion, open communication, 
sincere encounters and zest for life are 
important to us. What connects us all is our 
vision, living and working together.
The Business on Schweibenalp is affiliated to the 
“Association Center of Unity” as a seminar 
business and employs members of the community and 
external staff. We see ourselves as a model 
business that links the events and workshops held 
here, with the community and the Alpine 
Permaculture project as well as being a pioneer in holistic management.

Our charming and renovated Guest House with its 
100 beds was built in the early years of the 
Swiss mountain tourism and is surrounded by an area of about twenty hectares.
Conference Fee
Regular 500 €
Reduced 350 €( for students, unemployed, people on low income)

Never let the fees put you off - we want 
everybody that wants to come to be able to - we 
have a bursary fund for those who could otherwise 
not afford to attend, especially those from 
Eastern Europe. With a bursary, we can reduce 
your conference fee to 150-300 Euro. We can also 
help you get any funding you need. The bursaries 
are given away on a first-come-first-served 
basis. Please write to Ulrike to apply.
Food and Accommodation  Regular Price   Reduced Price
Single Room     690 €   -
Double Room     630 €   -
Sharded Room    510 €   -
Dormitory and own tent  180 €   150 €
The reduced prices are for students, unemployed and people on low income.

Prices include accommodation during the 
conference (starting July 07 in the evening, 
departure July 13) and three organic, vegetarian 
meals a day. A free internet connection and 
computers are available in the guest houses. The 
prices do not include the conference fee.

Registrations will start February 01, 2013.

Grundtvig Grants
Those working in the field of adult education can 
apply for a Grundtvig ‘Visits and Exchanges’ 
grant. For this, you need to be a teacher or 
teacher trainer in the field of adult education. 
This possibility is open to employees, freelancers and volunteers alike.
To be eligible for the grants you need to be a 
National or Resident of a EU member state, 
Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Croatia or Liechtenstein.
These grants cover travel and visa costs, food 
and accommodation as well as the conference fee.
Applications are to be written to the National 
Agency of your country of residence

16, 2013 in some countries, in others there are 
later deadlines and grants are given on a 
fist-come-fist-served basis. We strongly 
recommend you apply as soon as possible, because 
last year in some countries the money was 
finished after just a few weeks. Click here to 
see a table of deadlines in all participating countries.

How to apply for a Grundtvig grant
Fill in the online pre-registration form. Within 
a few days you will receive a confirmation of 
pre-registration from us that you will need for the application.

Download the application form: Go to 
and find the site of your national agency. Search 
for Grundtvig. There are several Grundtvig 
actions. The one you are looking for is about 
individual mobility. In English, it is called 
‘Visits and Exchanges’. Make sure you find the 
form for 2013. If you have any difficulty with 
this, phone or email your National Agency. Some 
countries have an online application tool that you need to fill in online.

Fill in the application form. It must be filled 
in electronically, no handwriting! Read all the 
information included in the form carefully, it 
explains where you find most of the information 
you need. Use the Application Form Support file 
for help. This will be sent to you with the pre-registration.

Sign the form yourself and get it signed by your 
organization (if applicable) and send it to your 
National Agency together with the pre-registration.
+44 (0)7786 952037
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