[Diggers350] Campaign against Bedroom Tax demands Benefit Justice

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Sat Jan 19 18:22:49 GMT 2013

Hi Linda, You have a beautiful name in Spanish. I think you've
answered you own question.

If you got your fair share, they would only get their fair share.end of.

It's a competitive world, which we are told and believe is good. But
we don't compete unless a thing is short.

And your saying the world the land is short.

Well they make it so. And we compete.

If we could have land and were organised their would be no workers.no
willing wage slaves.

Instead of work being a thing to achieve and end.

Work is the God. and the more we can have, the more mess to clean up,
the more stuff to make, the more complex things can be, the quicker
they wear out, the further work is away, the better as it gives us
this marvellous thing which people dangerously overtake each other to
get to in the morning called work.

It's been going on for 5000 years, its a transition which has taken
all the worlds indigenous people into it, of which we being Basque
descendants are one of them. But we have forgotten that we too have
indigenous roots. its them native Americans, south Americans,
Australians etc etc.

Winstanley said it all.

But this group doesn't tackle the Real issue of land and the two ways
to acquire it.

It's diggers350 years, its a sentimental history site. with people
talking about all the things that happen when we have no land, no
Earth. It doesn't address the only relevant issue of

let's get it, buy it or take, squat it, but let's get it. let's unite.

It's a talking group about land issues.

I'm replying to you, but this Tony who runs the group never allows any
emails from me.

When I ask him too, or challenge the group he tells me I am being
nasty. and bad.

I think there are many people on here who could be motivated to get
the land. if not now when, Winstanley would also have said

He doesn't allow me to air my views on here. to challenge people on
here to do something other than talk.

If you were to send an email out on my behalf he would stop it from
going out.probably.

As far as I can see this group is just a talking shop.

Pity we couldn't start a real.

GET THE LAND, the Earth

and share it free as bearthright

diggers group.

until we do.

BEST Wishes to you anyway, and hope you can get the real support you need.

I'm petefree stall on Facebook by the way.


On 15/01/2013, Linda Beamish <linda.beamish at yahoo.com> wrote:
> What?!?!
> Speaking as a self-employed lone parent - who 'took the chance' - and is now
> (almost) freezing to death with her children in a field in North Norfolk,
> with her husband the other side of the world, all I can say is Lord Freud is
> lucky that we were robbed of £13,215 for a 100% gas propelled engine that
> didn't work.
> Working up to 22 hours a day - trying to fit in paid work alongside all the
> unpaid work I've been doing ever since I dared to diversify my business into
> 'Green Design' and co-formed 'The Tree Ark Project' intentional Eco-Village
> 'showcase' community, working as a single parent on top - solely responsible
> for raising three children, for the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the
> DIY. maintaining the motor, AND paying all the bills, I'd give Lord Freud a
> run for his money if I were sitting opposite him in 'The Green Party'.
> How can a bunch of upper class 'twits' (as the two-headed monster of Cameron
> & Clegg were once described in the early hours on BBC) - ever manage to make
> decisions based upon the most ignorant of all foundations.
> All lone parents, self-employed, and sickness claimants are 'too
> comfortable' - are they???
> Come on 'Lord' Freud - come an have a go at living in a caravan without
> heating in freezing conditions with your children, without enough money for
> food, without laundry, without washing facilities - and tell us all just how
> comfortable it really is.
> 65% of all single parents get £0.00 child maintenance from any absent parent
> - and for once in my life - I'm in a majority group!  (Reference: Professor
> S McKay, University of Birmingham - I couldn't find this statistic on any
> Government 'nat stats'.)
> 4,000,000 children are living in poverty already today - without the cold
> and heartless 'lizard's intervention - the UK needs affordable housing,
> BEFORE it needs benefit cuts.
> Blithering idiots - what the UK needs is one million affordable homes - and
> when I say 'affordable' - I mean 'affordable', (I don't mean affordable to
> the eyes of the person sitting in 'The City' who doesn't have the foggiest
> idea what it takes to run a self-employed business without earning enough to
> pay to delegate any of the work, who decides to 'Lord' over us all because
> he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.)
> We all know that living in Eco-Village (type) settlements is the way forward
> - so why on Earth are we not allowed to live the sustainable lifestyle of
> our choosing?
> Ah yes - of course - it's because we're neither 'Lord' Freud, a 'Rothschild'
> or 'The Queen of England'.
> We don't have any land - and we're not entitled to any, because it's all
> being held back for 'The Developers'.
> 'The Developers' - that profiteering bunch of 'businesses' - including those
> that didn't pay me for over four years work, and which also forgot to pay my
> husband and hundreds of his co-workers 50% of their agreed wages for up to
> eight years work.  (Ask the Grenadian Technical and Allied Workers Union -
> the president of which, Chester Humphrey, has even been imprisoned for
> asking for 'human rights' for some of his workers.)
> As Tony Gosling wrote the other day, the UK - c. 60M population, c. 60M
> acres.
> An acre a piece - and we can live free of all their benefits (which I can
> vouch for one, never [ever] did cover all the bills anyway), and through
> 'Green Design', through Eco-Village Network, through Permaculture, cut CO2
> emissions, and totally capture all our CH4 to provide us all with free
> 'Green' BioGas, Electricity and heating - right through a solar winter.
> We can all live in 'Eden', and the politicians who earn £66k (+ £20k wage
> rises + all their [illegal] expenses), can all go swing like the giant
> dinosaurs into their own oblivion to become fossils.
> Yes please - I'd far rather live on an organic field than a council house.
>  (I just wish that I had the right to do so!:)
> But hey - what would I know, I'm only a single mum & a self-employed Eco
> architectural designer (who has to follow UK/International Planning, The
> Earth Charter, the UN Agenda 21, Reap Report, Brundtland Report and 'The
> Egan Report'), who's joint proposals (co-formed with Avril Fox - co-author
> of 1989 'Green Design'), were invited for submission to Climate CoLab in
> 2011, who paid for her education - to learn of this recession in 2002, and
> was advised 'in class' to follow CAT Eco-Village as an exemplar - and went
> on to spend ten years working unpaid in all the research, writing, and prep
> to 'take the risk'.
> L.
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>  From: Tony Gosling <tony at cultureshop.org.uk>
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> Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 2:33 PM
> Subject: Re: [Diggers350] Campaign against Bedroom Tax demands Benefit
> Justice
> Thanks for this Dave,
> Right on the money.
> This has all being drawn up in the city and is being implemented by
> former UBS investment banker fraudster Lord Freud who rarely dares to
> appear in public but did this morning on BBC Radio 5 Live
> T
> The UBS Libor-Fraud E-mails Are a Gift for Regulators
> By Nick Summers on December 19, 2012
> Just a week before Christmas, the Libor scandal is a gift that keeps on
> giving. The Swiss bank UBS (UBS) has been fined $1.5 billion and two of
> its former traders were charged with conspiracy in the United States,
> while U.K. regulators released a report (PDF) that captures the bank’s
> employees engaging in routine, casual, and brazen manipulation of what
> has been called the world’s most important number.
> http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-12-19/the-ubs-libor-fraud-emails-are-a-gift-for-regulators
> Lord Freud: People “too Comfortable” on Benefits.
> November 24, 2012
> Andrew Coates
> http://intensiveactivity.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/lord-freud-people-too-comfortable-on-benefits
> The Guardian reports, on the latest wit and wisdom by our old friend Lord
> Freud,
> The government’s welfare reform minister has suggested lone parents,
> sickness claimants and other people on benefits are too comfortable not
> having to work for their income, saying they are able to “have a
> lifestyle” on the state.
> In an interview with House Magazine, Lord Freud is reported to have said
> the benefits system is “dreadful” and discourages poor people from taking
> the risks he implied they should be willing to bear to change their
> circumstances.
> “The incapacity benefits, the lone parents, the people who are
> self-employed for year after year and only earn hundreds of pounds or a
> few thousand pounds, the people waiting for their work ability assessment
> then not going to it – all kinds of areas where people are able to have a
> lifestyle off benefits and actually off conditionality,” the Conservative
> peer said.
> They add,
> Freud, a former journalist and investment banker, told the magazine that
> his background did not make him unable to understand the reality of
> living on benefits. “You don’t have to be the corpse to go to the
> funeral, which is the implied criticism there,” he said.
> What an odd metaphor.
> No doubt he was thinking of us as living corpses.
> Looking at the register of Lords interests he is a trustee of
> something called the Jecda foundation a ‘charity’ worth 1.6 million.
> Trustees: David Anthony Freud, Priscilla Jane Freud, Mr Andrew Alexander
> Freud, Ms Emily Annette Freud, Miss Juliet Freud (nothing like keeping it
> in the family)
> Based at Eastry Court, Church Street, Eastry, Sandwich, Kent, CT13 0HL
> (next to the church – use google street view it’s not labeled properly on
> the map).
> Perhaps we should ask it for a grant.
> Someone called ‘David Anthony Freud’ is a director of ’29 Montpelier
> Grove Management Company Limited’. This will probably be the freehold
> company for a London flat – which he may or may not be renting out to
> another MP.
> Lord Freud's welfare 'lifestyle' comments show 'nasty party is back',
> say Labour
> Labour have seized on comments by Lord Freud, the Minister for
> Welfare Reform who likened life on benefits to a funeral.
> Lord Freud, the minister for welfare reform Photo: Allstar Picture
> Library / Alamy
> By Telegraph reporters
> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9698985/Lord-Freuds-welfare-lifestyle-comments-show-nasty-party-is-back-say-Labour.html
> 2:30PM GMT 23 Nov 2012
> Lord Freud said the benefits system was "dreadful" and allowed
> lone parents and sickness claimants to "have a lifestyle" on
> the state.
> Poor people should be prepared to take more risks because they have the
> least to lose, according to the minister for welfare reform.
> The Tory peer, a former banker and descendent of Sigmund Freud, who is
> helping to push through a radical overhaul of the welfare state, insisted
> he understood the reality of living on benefits, arguing "you don't
> have to be the corpse to go to a funeral".
> Liam Byrne, the Shadow Work and Pensions secretary, said the comments
> were "disgusting", adding: "The nasty party is well and
> truly back."
> In an interview with The House magazine, he said: "We've got the
> circumstances now where... people who are poorer should be prepared to
> take the biggest risks - they've got least to lose."
> "We have, through our welfare system, created a system which has
> made them reluctant to take risks so we need to turn that on its head and
> make the system predictable so that people will take those risks.
> "I think we have a dreadful welfare system."
> He added: "You know, the incapacity benefits, the lone parents, the
> people who are self-employed for year after year and only earn hundreds
> of pounds or a few thousand pounds, the people waiting for their work
> ability assessment then not going to it - all kinds of areas where people
> are able to have a lifestyle off benefits and actually off
> conditionality."
> Lord Freud dismissed the possibility of taking part in a television
> documentary which filmed him living on benefits for a week, something a
> number of politicians have done in the past.
> "I have thought of the issue," he said. "The trouble is,
> it's a stunt when someone like me does it because you do it for a week.
> That's not the point."
> He added: "I think you don't have to be the corpse to go to a
> funeral, which is the implied criticism there."
> Mr Byrne continued: "Lord Freud is a former investment banker and
> now a minister of the crown. For him of all people to compare people on
> benefits to corpses and likening their lives to a funeral is quite
> frankly disgusting.
> "He is quite clearly a man in total denial about the pain his
> policies are about to cause."
> Lord Freud advised the Labour government on welfare after publishing an
> independent report in March 2007 on the Welfare to Work system.
> He said former prime minister Gordon Brown "thought he could soften
> me up and then dump me in with his officials and I would just
> capitulate" in talks they had on reforms.
> He added: "Which I thought was a pretty demeaning thing for a
> chancellor and prime minister-to-be, to think that was his role.
> "And in practice a pretty foolish strategy when you're up against
> someone who's an investment banker, who gets yelled at every day of his
> life, if not three times, by chief executives, finance directors and
> chairmen for one thing or another. So, if he was wanting to get an
> outcome, it was a pretty poor strategy."
> At 00:10 14/01/2013, david bangs wrote:
>>Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first
> class council housing
>>Campaign against Bedroom Tax demands Benefit Justice
>>Tenants and campaigners from across Britain are coming to London next
> Saturday 19th Jan to link up a campaign against attacks on Housing and
> other Benefits.DCH is organising with Disabled people against Cuts
> (DPAC), PCS and Unite trade unions and others to link up tenants and
> other groups hit by these changes. Tenants, disabled people and community
> organisations, trade unions and local and national campaigns will meet on
> 19 Jan to co-ordinate and organise.Reminder
>>Benefit Justice organising meeting 12-2.00 pm Sat 19 Jan at Unite House,
> 128 Theobald's Road,London WC1X 8TN (nearest tube Holborn). Email
> info at defendcouncilhousing.org.uk for more information.See Leeds Bedroom Tax
> leaflet
>>DCH demands:
>>* Direct investment in council housing as a matter of urgency - write off
> historic HRA housing debt to enable new council housing
>>* Defend security of tenure for existing and future tenants
>>* No eviction of tenants in rent arrears due to Housing Benefit cuts
>>* Investment in a massive programme of new and improved, energy-efficient
> council house building
>>To stop getting DCH broadcasts reply with UNSUBSCRIBE in subject.
>>For background information on the demand for investment in council
> housing and who supports the campaign see www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk
>>  Protest Leaflet 15th Nov
>>   Election Briefing April 2012
>>   Statement from Housing Emergency tenants conference
>>   DCH_newspaper_Sept2012
>>   Council Housing: Time To Invest
>>   Affiliate and donate
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  It's a revolution. But it's the sort of revolution ,  more of an
evolution that no one will notice. It might get a little shadier, or
brighter. Buildings might function better. You might have less money
to earn because your food is all around you and you don't have any
energy costs.  and more people will be fed, as more land and
resources, kept scarce for the dollar, for the  abundance called glut,
 will be shared.

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