The 10+ spare bedrooms of spare room evicter Lord Freud

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'Lord Benefits Freud': Tory hypocrites to push thousands into poverty
Tory welfare minister Lord Freud is determined to 
punish some of the poorest people in Britain for 
living in homes that are supposedly too big for them.
His “bedroom tax” could plunge almost 100,000 people into poverty.
But Freud himself hasn’t just got some spare bedrooms—he has a spare mansion.
He also has a four bedroom £1.9 million London 
pad. Twelve bedrooms, then, for just one former banker and his wife.
Yet when separated dad Graeme Fair argued with 
Freud on a radio call-in that his spare room was 
for his children’s weekend visits, he was told they had to stay on the sofa.
Freud told another caller, Janine Moxon, to get a 
lodger if her 16 year old son joins the army. But 
she pointed out, “That’s against the rules of my housing association”.
Disabled people in relationships will be 
penalised for having adapted rooms and parents 
will be hit if their children go to university.
Thousands could lose their homes for being poor 
in areas where there aren’t any one bedroom social homes available.
Freud, who retired early thanks to his banking 
fortune, is also gunning for workers who can’t 
get enough hours. Around one million people will 
receive regular texts from job centres because, 
although they work, they could work longer.
They will even be threatened with losing the new universal credit benefit.
Freud says this is will “reduce benefit 
dependency” and “make work pay”—the latest 
addition to government rhetoric that pits “strivers” against “skivers”.
But people are determined to fight back against his new benefits onslaught.
More than 30 local and national organisations 
campaigning around benefits met in London on 
Saturday of last week to pool their resources for a united campaign.
Shirley Frost is a tenants’ association secretary 
and member of Defend Council Housing in 
Sheffield. She told Socialist Worker, “We’ve been 
campaigning around housing for years. Now the 
issue of benefits has made people’s position really precarious.
“Every day I see people impoverished by benefits 
sanctions. The government tries to divide people 
to distract attention away from themselves, but 
60 percent of claimants are in work.
“Rents are high and wages are low—what do they want people to do?”
Other organisations include the Unite and PCS 
unions, Disabled People Against Cuts and many local campaigns.
They are planning to target ministers in February.
“There is some anger, and it’s growing,” said 
Shirley. “I was in the thick of it with the poll 
tax. Now we’ll send a clear message to the 
government that we won’t submit, we can’t pay and we won’t pay.”

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