Undercover cops hack lives of law-abiding women activists

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See also - Russia Today: 1.7m people homeless in UK (Bristol figure 
is 19,500) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL3v4oBYCTU
Britain's suffering its worst housing crisis in modern history - with 
the number of new households increasing faster than the number of 
homes it can build. Over 1.7 million families are waiting for a place to live.

Undercover cops hack lives of political women activists
At the crux of this case is the direct connection with MI5's Stasi 
(yes, this is up against E. Germany's worst) tactics and the arrogant 
expectation by the Met that these operations would never be discovered.
One can not help but wonder did Met police 'counter subversion' 
activity stop here or were/are trades unions & political parties & 
other perfectly legal & legitimate activities also targeted by Her 
Majesty's crooked Detectives & Constables?
Probably the most important case in decades, subject to a crooked 
judge already and obvious cheap, insulting delaying tactics.

If this story hasn't been irking you - it should have been
A load of Thunderballs: James Bond is fiction, not a police instruction manual
A shocking ruling (let's call it the 007 standard) gives undercover 
police licence to break hearts. It's the hacking of people's lives

Women who had relationships with police spies win partial legal victory
Judge rules half of the women's cases can be heard in open court but 
half must be first heard by secret tribunal
Rob Evans and Paul Lewis - guardian.co.uk, Thursday 17 January 2013 14.01 GMT
Ten women who say they were deceived into having sexual relationships 
with undercover police officers have won only a partial victory in 
their fight to have their case heard in the high court.
Mr Justice Tugendhat said the lawsuit alleged "the gravest 
interference" with the fundamental rights of women who had long-term 
relationships with police officers sent to spy on their political 
groups. The judge rejected an attempt by the Metropolitan police to 
have the whole case struck out of the court.
However, in a mixed ruling, the judge said that half the cases in the 
legal action should first be heard by a secretive tribunal that 
usually deals with complaints against MI5.
The case relates to a joint lawsuit brought by 10 women and one man 
who claim they suffered emotional trauma after forming "deeply 
personal" relationships with the police spies.
In his ruling, Tugendhat acknowledged that the allegations made by 
the women were "very serious". He added that the case appeared to be 
unprecedented. "No action against the police alleging sexual abuse of 
the kind in question in these actions has been brought before the 
courts in the past, so far as I have been made aware."
The judge drew a comparison with James Bond, the fictional member of 
the intelligence service who "used relationships with women to obtain 
information, or access to persons or property".
Although Ian Fleming, the writer of the Bond series, did not dwell on 
"psychological harm he might have done to the women concerned", the 
judge said fictional accounts such as these point to how 
"intelligence and police services have for many years deployed both 
men and women officers to form personal relationships of an intimate 
sexual nature".
Lawyers for the Met had attempted to have all 11 cases struck out of 
the court, arguing they constituted an abuse of process and should 
instead by heard by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), a 
little-known complaints body.
However, they achieved only a partial victory.
In his ruling, the judge said that claims against two police officers 
- Mark Kennedy and a second spy who posed as Mark Jacobs - should 
first be heard by the IPT. Both of these officers were deployed after 
2000, and some of the claims allege their activities constituted a 
breach of the Human Rights Act, which came into force in October that year.
However, the judge said that other claims for damages under common 
law, including torts of misfeasance in public office, deceit, assault 
and negligence, should be heard by the high court.
He temporarily stayed high court proceedings pending the conclusion 
of cases at the IPT. The special tribunal was introduced in 2000 to 
examine complaints from the public about unjustified state 
surveillance within what it calls "a necessary ring of secrecy". 
Complainants do not see the evidence put forward by the state and 
have no automatic right to an oral hearing. Neither can they appeal 
its decision.
Lawyers for the some of the women described the decision to send half 
of the cases to the tribunal as an "outrage".
Harriet Wistrich, of Birnberg Peirce, said: "We brought this case 
because we want to see an end to sexual and psychological abuse of 
campaigners for social justice and others by undercover police 
officers. We are outraged that the high court has allowed the police 
to use the IPT to preserve the secrecy of their abusive and 
manipulative operations in order to prevent public scrutiny and challenge."
Another lawyer representing claimants in the case, Jules Carey, 
pointed out the judge had accepted his clients may have been victims 
of the "gravest" interference with their rights, adding: "Our clients 
will have to carefully study the judgment and consider an appeal on 
this issue."
The case is the first civil action to be brought before a court since 
the Guardian revealed police officers were frequently sleeping with 
political campaigners as part of a spy operation that has been 
targeting protesters for four decades.
In total, six police officers stand accused in legal documents of 
having sexual relationships with the women they were sent to spy on.
Some cases stretch as far back as the mid-1980s. One woman, who is 
bringing a separate legal action, had a child with a police officer 
she presumed was a fellow animal rights activists in the 1980s. He 
later disappeared from her life and ceased all contact.
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