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programme reach is 5m so if anyone will be affected by the bedroom tax
we've had this from the One Show. Please get in touch with Lauren.


From: "Lauren Layfield"

Subject: The One Show - bedroom tax

Hi there,

My name is Lauren Layfield, I work on The One Show at the

I wonder if you can help me? We’re desperately after
families, single mums or single people who are going to be affected by the
bedroom tax.

I wondered if you knew of anyone who’d be willing to speak
to us about their situation?

We’re tried a few options now, but we’ve had a lot of bad
luck…namely case studies falling poorly! We’re worried, unless we find
soon, we won’t be able to do the story. Which would be a terrible shame as
get around 5m viewers every night and we want to bring it to people’s
- one massive concern from housing associations is that many people don’t
it’s happening, or even BELIEVE it’s going to take effect, which is

I very much hope you might be able to help!

Best wishes,

Lauren Layfield
4th Floor| Quay House | BBC
Salford Quays | M50

( 0161 335
)  07584
* lauren.layfield at bbc.co.uk

Got a
story? Email us on: oneshowstories at bbc.co.uk

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