Constitutional Convention and direct democracy

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Thu Jun 13 19:20:39 BST 2013

Briefing Document for Constitutional Convention 8-9 June 2013
Jane Suiter
"Direct democracy is a form of democracy in which individual voters can 
influence political decisions.
Even in many of the older established democracies, citizens often 
express dissatisfaction with the quality of their democracy. Periodic 
elections alone cannot always guarantee sufficient choice or 
accountability. Nor are elections always the best mechanism for 
resolving contentious policies, or embarking on a programme of 
fundamental change. For these and other reasons greater interest is 
being shown around the world in institutions that promise to enhance the 
quality of democracy and particularly in referendums and initiatives, in 
other words forms of direct democracy."

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Campaign for direct democracy in Britain
Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R ~ GB  Link to site index  Election campaign call

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