Is Prince Charles' 'Heart In The Right Place'?

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Happy solstice all who were and were not at Avebury.

Steward of many of our hopes for land justice and editor of 'The Land' Simon has said here the Prince Of Wales's 'heart is in the right place'? 
Well maybe he's a charming man, I've never met him, but haven't yet seen a review on Charles' book 'Harmony', a vision for Britain in the mag. Might be interesting?


New questions over relationship between Prince Charles and Waitrose

Thursday, June 20, 2013 - West Briton - By Miles Davis, West Briton

NEW QUESTIONS have been raised over the relationship between the Prince of Wales and Waitrose and a property deal that would transform the east of Truro.

It has emerged that Prince Charles paid more than £38 million for a depot in Milton Keynes used by the chain. The Duchy of Cornwall, which represents the Prince's business interests, is a key player in the Truro Eastern District Centre (TEDC) project that would see a Waitrose built along with a park and ride, 110 homes and a recycling centre at the junction of Union Hill and Newquay Road.

A spokesman for the Prince dismissed any presumed connection between the duchy and Waitrose as "coincidence".

The deal for the duchy to buy the 396,000sq ft warehouse at Milton Keynes was completed 18 months ago at a cost of £38,385,500, as reported by the Independent newspaper.

Waitrose leases it as a lorry distribution hub.

Plans for the controversial TEDC were approved by Cornwall Council in March 2012 but that planning consent now faces a judicial review brought by Truro City Council.

Councillor Rob Nolan, member of Truro City Council and Cornwall Council, said: "The city council is keen to maintain the vibrancy of the high street in Truro and would welcome Waitrose into the city centre.

"But we consider an out-of-town shopping centre to be a threat to that vibrancy.

"I'm surprised to see this strong link. It appears that the duchy and Waitrose are putting their own interests before those of Truro."

The duchy's financial dealings are expected to come under closer scrutiny from the Commons Public Accounts Committee and a Private Members' Bill in the House of Lords demanding an overhaul of its structure and the distribution of surplus income to the people of Cornwall.

Prince Charles's income in 2012 was £20.48 million, with £18.28 million coming from the Duchy of Cornwall and £2.19 million from government departments and grants-in-aid.

In all the Duchy of Cornwall owns some 131,000 acres of land in 23 counties, including large swathes of Cornwall, Dartmoor and the Prince's Gloucestershire home of Highgrove.

A spokesman said of the Waitrose depot: "The property acquired was a commercial property investment and it is not related to Duchy Originals. It is a coincidence that Waitrose is the tenant."

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