[Diggers350] Is Prince Charles' 'Heart In The Right Place'?

Simon Fairlie chapter7 at tlio.org.uk
Sat Jun 22 01:16:01 BST 2013

I'd be prepared to defend Prince Charles' basically hippy heart, to  
an extent , but not the Duchy.


On 21 Jun 2013, at 23:31, Zardoz wrote:

> Happy solstice all who were and were not at Avebury.
> Steward of many of our hopes for land justice and editor of 'The  
> Land' Simon has said here the Prince Of Wales's 'heart is in the  
> right place'?
> Well maybe he's a charming man, I've never met him, but haven't yet  
> seen a review on Charles' book 'Harmony', a vision for Britain in  
> the mag. Might be interesting?
> Tony
> New questions over relationship between Prince Charles and Waitrose
> http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/New-questions-relationship-Prince- 
> Charles/story-19339931-detail/story.html
> Thursday, June 20, 2013 - West Briton - By Miles Davis, West Briton
> NEW QUESTIONS have been raised over the relationship between the  
> Prince of Wales and Waitrose and a property deal that would  
> transform the east of Truro.
> It has emerged that Prince Charles paid more than £38 million for a  
> depot in Milton Keynes used by the chain. The Duchy of Cornwall,  
> which represents the Prince's business interests, is a key player  
> in the Truro Eastern District Centre (TEDC) project that would see  
> a Waitrose built along with a park and ride, 110 homes and a  
> recycling centre at the junction of Union Hill and Newquay Road.
> A spokesman for the Prince dismissed any presumed connection  
> between the duchy and Waitrose as "coincidence".
> The deal for the duchy to buy the 396,000sq ft warehouse at Milton  
> Keynes was completed 18 months ago at a cost of £38,385,500, as  
> reported by the Independent newspaper.
> Waitrose leases it as a lorry distribution hub.
> Plans for the controversial TEDC were approved by Cornwall Council  
> in March 2012 but that planning consent now faces a judicial review  
> brought by Truro City Council.
> Councillor Rob Nolan, member of Truro City Council and Cornwall  
> Council, said: "The city council is keen to maintain the vibrancy  
> of the high street in Truro and would welcome Waitrose into the  
> city centre.
> "But we consider an out-of-town shopping centre to be a threat to  
> that vibrancy.
> "I'm surprised to see this strong link. It appears that the duchy  
> and Waitrose are putting their own interests before those of Truro."
> The duchy's financial dealings are expected to come under closer  
> scrutiny from the Commons Public Accounts Committee and a Private  
> Members' Bill in the House of Lords demanding an overhaul of its  
> structure and the distribution of surplus income to the people of  
> Cornwall.
> Prince Charles's income in 2012 was £20.48 million, with £18.28  
> million coming from the Duchy of Cornwall and £2.19 million from  
> government departments and grants-in-aid.
> In all the Duchy of Cornwall owns some 131,000 acres of land in 23  
> counties, including large swathes of Cornwall, Dartmoor and the  
> Prince's Gloucestershire home of Highgrove.
> A spokesman said of the Waitrose depot: "The property acquired was  
> a commercial property investment and it is not related to Duchy  
> Originals. It is a coincidence that Waitrose is the tenant."
> Revealed: Prince Charles's secret property deals - including £38  
> million industrial carbuncle
> http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/revealed-prince- 
> charless-secret-property-deals--including-38-million-industrial- 
> carbuncle-8659596.html
> BBC fails in bid to have critical clip removed from YouTube  
> following copyright complaint
> http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/bbc-fails-bid-have-critical-clip- 
> removed-youtube-following-copyright-complaint
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