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In the past couple of days, I have gone through this process:

I watched the documentary 'Resonance - Beings of
Frequency'<>which rekindled
my buried apprehensions around the harmful effects of
electromagnetic fields on biological organisms. For me the doc cuts through
all of the industry propaganda and shows quite clearly what is likely
happening. The role of EMF in  mass bird deaths, colony collapse disorder,
and much more is examined.

I then remembered about the work of a man called Ibrahim Karim, whose book
'Back to a Future for Mankind' I'd bought and partly read a year ago, and
that I hadn't listened to a recent interview with him. He claims to have
reversed the harmful effects of newly installed mobile masts that people in
2 villages in Switzerland had been complaining about, using geometric
to change the quality of the energy being transmitted by the antennas.

Sounds like snake oil, right? The thing is there is a fair bit of
documentation <> (see
- most of it in
suggesting that it was very effective. Reuters video report
here <>.

Here <> is an
interview with him on Red Ice Creations, and
here<>you may download
another (which I uploaded, file is safe), from Coast to

I acknowledge that a) having electrosensitivity myself, I am biased towards
accepting the analysis presented in the documentary, and given this, b)
likewise I'd like what Mr Karim is saying to be true.

If this is something that you are attuned to, and you are willing to make
the effort to explore this further, do let me know where it gets you. One
of his claims which you could easily test with a black marker pen and 30
seconds' work is described

Please forward this to anyone who you think would be interested.

I will be putting up a website sometime soon.


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