TB cattle sold by DEFRA for human consumption

Alison Banville alisonbanville at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 30 14:01:42 BST 2013

'Cows slaughtered after testing positive for tuberculosis have been sold for human consumption by the government's food and farming ministry.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs sold raw meat from 28,000 animals a year, distributed for human consumption.'

This is how much the govt and farming industry cares about human health - selling infected meat to schools!! And these are the people so keen on slaughtering badgers due to a false TB link! The real reason for the disease is the intensive conditions and practices of the farming industry which necessitate constant medication: 

90% of dairy cows have Dry Cow Therapy (DCT) for mastitis.  Two AB treatments a year.  One for prevention.  One for treatment.
 (this figure is staggering! Mastitis is an excruciatingly painful condition caused by extensive milking - instead of addressing this animal abuse the industry makes it legal for the pus caused by it to be present in milk sold to the public. Abuse therefore becomes the industry norm and the health of the public is of no concern whatsoever!. Well if it was, the milk lobby and govt wouldn't suppress all the evidence of how harmful it si for humans as a foodstuff - and they wouldn't sell TB infected meat to schools!!! ) 
Life span of dairy cow in EU is now 5-6 years before ‘culling’ due to infertility and illness due to physiological exhaustion.
('physiological exhaustion' -  what kind of suffering does that phrase conjure up? And it also sums up the disgusting attitude we have towards these gentle beings). 
Dairy Calves over ‘weaning’ period have AB for 7 days out of their 56 day weaning period.
To put this in context the average human has 0.75 AB per year.
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