[Diggers350] Rent & mortgage boycott to save the economy

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This is exactly right! Even some of the most intelligent people do not understand that money is created as debt! And how terrified the elites are of everyone waking up to this truth, because, believe me, when we all do, their party will be over. How often do you ever see this reflected in the mainstream media? Positive Money are making inroads but it has to be faster and that can only happen if we all spread the word!  
Mike Raddie, who set up BSNews with me, is the real expert here. When he found out the truth about the whole scam he stopped payng his mortgage! Talk about walk the walk!! He even stood up in court and explained it to the judge!! And ever since he has campaigned fiercely on this issue. He compiled all the stuff for our Money and Finance section - link from our homepage - including Bill Still's excellent doc 'The Secret of Oz' and Positive Money's '97% Owned'. There are four pages of must-read and see stuff: 
http://bsnews.info/ If anyone wants to contact Mike, reach him at editor at bsnews.info. It was Mike who woke me up to all this for which I'm eternally grateful.  
Thanks to becoming enlightened, in January of last year, when I was unemployed, I wrote this in a Guardian article as part of a panel discussion:  
'No one explains that reducing the deficit reduces our money supply and with it our ability to fund welfare and other public spending. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy – the government's debt reduction policy will ensure that the country remains in recession with the public sector cuts and the tearing down of our welfare safety net as "necessary". With a sovereign, debt-free money supply, none of this banker-imposed austerity would be needed, as Michael Rowbotham says: "Both those in work and out must watch … If a monetary system is invalid or flawed, then the entire economy is based on the mathematics of error, and must be riddled with the effects."


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If everybody boycotted the banks & stopped paying back their 
mortgages the economy would begin to recover again?
An important point about our current system: since money is debt, 
getting out of debt (fancy term: deleveraging) shrinks the economy.

How money gets destroyed (new video)
Wed, 13th Mar 2013
by Positive Money
Remember how new money is created when a bank makes a loan? Well, 
when someone repays the loan, the opposite process happens, and money 
is actually destroyed. It effectively disappears from the economy entirely.

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