[Diggers350] Rent & mortgage boycott to save the economy

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Money is a number on a scarce commodity which is valued as a common
commodity to be given in an exchange, on one side of an exchange.

 One way of controlling the level of the scarcity of that common
commodity  is to limit the amount of currency in an economy, another
is to issue gold siver etc, which has scarcity value as they are a
scarce resource in and of themselves.  And, so, another way is this
debt which is talked about here.

 So by paying off all the debt, it is proposed here that there will be
no money left in circulation.

 But it is not really so as pretty soon some common but scarce
commodity would be introduced into the economy to enable exchange to
take place.

It is not wholly debt that is the problem with money,

it is the previously said "exchange".

Here is a little essay on that from 1845 by Bastiat.


If man were a solitary animal, if he labored
exclusively for himself, if he consumed directly
the fruit of his labor – in a word, if he did not
exchange – the theory of scarcity would never
have appeared in the world. It is too evident
that in that case, abundance would be
advantageous, from whatever quarter it came,
whether from the result of his industry, from
ingenious tools, from powerful machinery of
his invention, or whether due to the fertility of
the soil, the liberality of nature, or even to a
mysterious invasion of products brought by the
waves and left by them upon the shore. No
solitary man would ever have thought that in order to encourage his
labor and render it more productive, it was necessary to break in
pieces the instruments that lessened it, to neutralize the fertility of
the soil, or give back to the sea the good things it had brought to his
door. He would perceive at once that labor is not an end, but a
means; and that it would be absurd to reject the result for fear of
doing injury to the means by which the result was accomplished. He
would perceive that if he devotes two hours a day to providing for
his wants, any circumstance (machinery, fertility, gratuitous gift, no
matter what) that saves him an hour of that labor, the result
remaining the same, puts that hour at his disposal, and that he can
devote it to increasing his enjoyments; in short, he would see that to
save labor is nothing else than progress.

But exchange disturbs our view of a truth so simple. In the social
state, and with the separation of employments to which it leads, the
production and consumption of a commodity are not mixed up and
confounded in the same individual. Each man comes to see in his
labor no longer a means but an end. In relation to each commodity,
exchange creates two interests, that of the producer and that of the
consumer; and these two interests are always directly opposed to
each other.

On 02/05/2013, Tony Gosling <tony at cultureshop.org.uk> wrote:
> If everybody boycotted the banks & stopped paying back their
> mortgages the economy would begin to recover again?
> An important point about our current system: since money is debt,
> getting out of debt (fancy term: deleveraging) shrinks the economy.
> How money gets destroyed (new video)
> Wed, 13th Mar 2013
> by Positive Money
> Remember how new money is created when a bank makes a loan? Well,
> when someone repays the loan, the opposite process happens, and money
> is actually destroyed. It effectively disappears from the economy entirely.
> http://www.positivemoney.org/2013/03/how-money-gets-destroyed-new-video/
> http://www.911forum.org.uk/board/viewtopic.php?p=164526#164526
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  It's a revolution. But it's the sort of revolution ,  more of an
evolution that no one will notice. It might get a little shadier, or
brighter. Buildings might function better. You might have less money
to earn because your food is all around you and you don't have any
energy costs.  and more people will be fed, as more land and
resources, kept scarce for the dollar, for the  abundance called glut,
 will be shared.

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