Swansea BioChar - soil regeneration & permaculture

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Mon Nov 4 12:35:34 GMT 2013

Swansea Biochar



Located in South Gower, a few miles from Swansea, Swansea Biochar is 
where we implement the theories of soil carbon regeneration.

The vegetables produced are sold locally through 
scheme delivery service. We use a horse drawn cart to deliver the 
vegetables and so have a catchment area of around 2 miles radius.

The inputs of our system come from a local tree, garden 
green waste collection service. Other inputs come from atmospheric 
carbon which is stabilised in the soil as glomalin.

We occasionally run workshops, open days, carbon negative meal days 

Climate change, food security, nutrition, pollution, peak oil, 
economic collapse, the list goes on. It is not surprising that 
increasing numbers of people are growing their own food.

We need to move away from fossil fuels, yet the world population has 
risen to 7bn on the back of urning fossil fuels. We need to use 
different systems to produce our food and energy.

If we are not thoughtful and careful, gardening can be more 
environmentally harmfull than farming (per acre). There are 
techniques of stabilising carbon in soil of interest to anybody 
wanting to live and grow their own food whilst benefiting the Earth.

Putting high carbon material such as wood or straw into your garden 
is not the same thing as stabilising it. Stabilise it and you stop it 
from decomposing, it will remain for hundreds or thousands of years 
instead of just a few years.

Anybody can generate domestic energy and grow their own food  by 
stabilising carbon in soil. This is the reverse of most other ways of 
producing food and energy, which release carbon into the atmosphere.

Stabilising carbon in soil reverses climate change.

Stabilised carbon in soil can maintain long term fertility of that 
soil reducing the need for other inputs.

Two of these techniques are;

1, Making and using 
<http://www.soil-carbon-regeneration.co.uk/biochar/>biochar whilst 
making maximum use of the heat produced during this process.

2, Encouraging the production 
glomalin  through providing optimal conditions for Arbuscular 
Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF).

These forms of stabilised soil carbon can be used to promote soil 
aggregation; soil structures which bind other soil components 
together in the soil.

If we get our food and energy in ways which build soil through 
stabilising carbon in soil then we reverse our ecological footprint 
and live in ways which enhance life on Earth.
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