Imagine a boot not stamping on a human face - forever

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Fri Nov 8 12:43:44 GMT 2013

Imagine a boot not stamping on a human face - forever

- yes, one of mine this -

Just as Switzerland's wicked Gessler had his William Tell and 
France's Villefort family had their Count of Monte Cristo, quietly 
Britons are beginning to see Robin Hood's Merry Men coming together.

The market's nightmare vision is for a Big Brother technocrat and 
authoritarian regime. But what Britain and the rest of the NATO zone 
really needs is a reasserting of the Universal Declaration of Human 
rights, a united front for an updated set of universal social 
standards with no sinister strings attached.

Switzerland and Cyprus are now proposing one excellent solution, the 
basic income, but go one stage further and we can guarantee citizens 
for free what that basic income is supposed to provide.

As its first priority the state should abolish the threat of 
eviction, instead making the dignity and subsistence the order of the 
day. Water, food, healthcare, energy and a rent-free roof over every 
head. Above and beyond that people will have plenty of time to work 
and better themselves, with taxes kicking in as families pursue more 
luxurious lifestyles.

A nationalized banking system that goes hand in hand with good 
government would force the moneychangers out of the temple, to serve 
the people once more. We'd have no more of their weasel words: 
'There's not enough money for that!"
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