30 year grudge: establishment turns on Earl who helped Beanfield travellers

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Lord Cardigan witnessed the Battle of the 
Beanfield, a notorious incident in 1985 in which 
Wiltshire Police were accused of brutalising a 
convoy of travellers on land near Stonehenge, 
making over 300 arrests, said to be the biggest 
arrest of civilians in the United Kingdom in 50 
years. Largely as a result of his testimony, 
police charges against members of the convoy were 
dismissed in the Crown Court. That testimony 
against the police caused The Daily Telegraph to 
criticise him as a class traitor, for which they 
later apologised and paid damages. Cardigan later said:
I hadn't realised that anybody that appeared to 
be supporting elements that stood against the 
establishment would be savaged by establishment 
newspapers. Now one thinks about it, nothing 
could be more natural. I hadn't realised that I 
would be considered a class traitor; if I see a 
policeman truncheoning a pregnant woman (as I 
did) I feel I'm entitled to say "that's a 
terrible thing you're doing, officer". I went 
along, saw a dreadful episode in British history, 
and simply reported what I saw.

Earl of Cardigan on Social Security faces losing 
Tottenham House - Savernake Forest Marlborough

The aristocrat on benefits: Earl of Cardigan 
forced to live on £71 a week Jobseekers' 
Allowance as he faces loss of £10m house that's 
been in his family for nearly 200 years
Trustees of Savernake Estate look to sell £10m Tottenham House
Property tycoon is understood to be in discussions with trustees for house
But Earl of Cardigan is looking to remove trustees in High Court battle
By DAILY MAIL REPORTER = 23 October 2013
The Earl of Cardigan could be set to lose the 
ancestral home which has been in the family for nearly 200 years.
Trustees of the estate are looking to sell 
Tottenham House, a 100-room mansion in the 
4,500-acre Savernake Estate in Wiltshire, it has been reported.
The Earl, who lives in a different house on the 
estate, is living on £71 a week Jobseekers' 
Allowance and became a father again last week 
following the birth of his baby daughter.
The Earl of Cardigan could be set to lose his 
ancestral home as the trustees of the Savernake 
Estate look to sell Tottenham House
According to a report in The Times, property 
tycoon Jamie Ritblat is in discussions with the 
trustees to buy the Grade 1-listed, 19th Century Palladian mansion.
It is believed however the final sale may not go 
ahead or may be held up by litigation.
The Earl, 60, meanwhile, who is taking legal 
action to remove the trustees from the estate, 
has vowed to fight any sale of the house.
He said today: 'I am in a London meeting all day, 
doing everything necessary to block that sale 
arranged by two men who have taken over half a 
million from my estate without my permission.
'My claim in the High Court against these two 
trustees is that they have taken over £500,000 
from my Estate without my consent.'
The Earl went on to say: 'That matter needs to 
get sorted first, and then I can turn my hand to 
finding another hotelier who wants to make 
Tottenham House a very elegant hotel that befits the building.'
The Earl is taking legal action in an attempt to 
remove the trustees of the estate
Lord Cardigan pictured with his second wife Joanne, Lady Cardigan
The Earl (pictured, left, and right, with his 
second wife Joanne) is taking legal action in an 
attempt to remove the trustees of the estate.
The Earl, the heir apparent to the Marquessate of 
Ailesbury, has been engaged in a vicious legal 
battle with the two trustees of the estate.
When he moved to America to live for four years, 
the Earl appointed the trustees -- John Moore, a 
barrister's clerk, and Wilson Cotton, an 
accountant -- to help him manage Savernake.
But he has accused them of refusing to give him access to his own money.
The trustees, one of whom was a friend of the 
Earl, have also made 14 criminal allegations 
against him, ranging from damaging pheasant 
feeders to spitting at them, although none of the 
charges resulted in a conviction.
In August the Earl, whose name is David 
Brudenell-Bruce, said he was 'absolutely 
thrilled' at the prospect of becoming a father 
again in November with his second wife Joanne.
The Earl, who is estranged from his daughter Bo 
Bruce, who starred on The Voice, was first 
married to Rosamund Jane in 1980, but she asked for a divorce in 2005.
The Earl left the UK for America and appointed the two trustees of the estate.
But when he returned they refused to give up 
control of the estate, leading him to take legal 
action which will culminate in December.
Savernake Estate trustee John Moore refused to 
comment on anything to do with the sale of Tottenham House today.

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