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Chris Baulman landrights4all at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 03:45:25 BST 2013

Hi friends,

There's still something very shaky about the logic for a basic income which
undermines it.
1. NOTHING can compensate for the theft of a birthright like land access
for housing, food and community. Restoration should be the constant
objective even if compensation (a basic income) is an interim measure.
2. By arguing for compensation, the case for restoration is weakened.
3. Accepting compensation from a system of theft is a settlement with
oppression & it is not sustainable
4. To talk about birth "rights" without responsibilities is bound to be
opposed. The responsibilities should be agreed along with the right.
5. If land access as a birthright is said to be the foundation, what is the
case for a basic income for those who already have more than is their
birthright? (ie their income is already more than their birthright to the
earth's resources &/or they already have land)
6. Money represents resources. We are already in climate change & global
poverty creation because of the rich world's demands. Increasing money puts
more demands on that system.puts more demands on that system.
7. If money for those who need land access as a right is to be paid, the
justification for its payment can't be landrights. It must be as support to
make good use of landrights &/or for payment of value generated by
claimants who are meeting their responsibilities.

Perhaps the paper at https://
id=107308816001595&sk=info will explain what I have come up with in
considering these points.

I'd love to know what you think

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