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Dear Friends (Locally, Nationally & Globally)

We send you best wishes and support from Manchester UK. The spirit of
Occupy lives on here and it is so heartening to hear of the actions,
protests and community organizing taking place around the world. To know
there are like-minded people across the globe gives us strength, courage
and hope.****

To let you know, the next action from Occupy Manchester will be taking
place on Sunday 29th September in Whitworth Park.  We will be staging an
ART + PROTEST + PARTY to celebrate our 2nd Birthday and  to coincide with
the national Save Our NHS & Stop The Cuts demonstration, which takes place
in the city that day.****

Part of the current ruling collation government (the Conservative Party)
will be staging their annual conference in Manchester on that same weekend
and it's expected that many tens of thousands of people will be travelling
from all around the country to join in with the protests against the
unprecedented and destructive attacks on our precious National Health
Service and on the poorest and most vulnerable in our society; attacks
which continue whilst our disastrous and unreformed private mega-banks
remain 'too big to fail' and 'too big to jail', creating more and more
compound interest loaded debt-money, and the industrial scale tax dodging
by the banks, wealthy corporations and elites continues to siphon away vast
sums every year from the public purse.****

Our Monster of Madness will be making a return appearance and we plan to
create a space where people can come together to share ideas, express their
thoughts, create art and celebrate community and hope.****

Here is a link to what the monster is all about (from 12M last year):****


We will be thinking of our friends around the world and would really like
to pin messages and posters from you all on the Monster – from other Occupy
groups, individuals, communities and organizations. These can be whatever
you would like to express - your hopes, your success, your current fights,
and your visions for the future.  Please send your messages and posters to:*

occupymcr at hotmail.co.uk****

or post on our facebook page (also keep checking back here for news and
info on the action)****


And follow us on twitter: @occupymcr****

You’re ALL very welcome !!!****
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