39 years on, classic BBC Bristol 'Luddite' kids drama gets DVD release

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Wed Aug 20 22:25:50 BST 2014

  Directed by John Prowse

  The long awaited DVD premiere of this influential science-fiction 
series, which was first broadcast on BBC1 in early 1975. Well 
remembered for its unsettling depiction of a society in meltdown, The 
Changes paved the way for the likes of Survivors and  Day of the Triffids.

When a strange noise is emitted from machinery and electricity 
pylons, previously placid and easy-going folk turn violently against 
the technology that surrounds them ruthlessly attacking radios, TVs 
and other domestic appliances. In the devastating aftermath, young 
Nicky Gore (Victoria Williams) is separated from her parents, but 
finds a surrogate home with a group of Sikhs. But they soon are 
dubbed 'The Devil's' Children by superstitious locals and Nicky is 
accused of sorcery by a witchfinder. In grave danger, she is forced 
to find a way to escape, find her parents and uncover what caused the 
world to become so unbalanced.

This highly acclaimed series was adapted from Peter Dickinson's 
best-selling trilogy by Anna Home (who would later become chief 
executive of the Children's Film and Television Foundation), and 
features music by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's Paddy Kingsland (The 
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Its gritty depiction of a 
near-apocalyptic world, and its integration of Sikh characters make 
it as progressive and fascinating now as it was when it was first broadcast.

Special features /Episode List
At Home in Britain (1983): a short film made by the COI to educate a 
wide range of UK viewers about everyday lives and different faiths of 
Asian residents living in Britain
Stills gallery
The Noise | The Bad Wires | The Devil's Children | Hostages! | 
Witchcraft! | A Pile of Stones | Heartsease | Lightning | The Quarry 
| The Cavern
Illustrated booklet featuring essays by Paddy Kingsland, Peter 
Wright, Michael Bonner, Lisa Kerrigan, Kathleen Luckey and Rebecca Vick

UK | 1975 | colour | English language, with optional hard-of-hearing 
subtitles | 246 minutes | Original aspect ratio 1.33:1 | 2 x DVD9 | 
PAL | Dolby Digital mono audio (320kbps) | Cert PG (contains 
violence, threat) | region 2 DVD
+44 (0)7786 952037
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revealed; and nothing hid that shall not be made known. What I tell 
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