Nottingham eviction blocking was 'like a festival'

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Find out information on what you can do about the process yourself

Watch a selection of videos and see for your self what's going on


With our main aim over anything else being the prevention of 
unlawful/illegal evictions, we are also here to help with all of your 
'Bailiff at the door' issues.

Along with assisting verbally, we are creating a network of regional 
groups across the country with people who are willing/able to attend 
if need be in order to help with your 'Bailiff at the door' issues. 
This includes, and leads me to, our reason for being here - We want 
to build a network of local people who are prepared to attend and 
assist in the prevention of unlawful evictions/repossessions, like 
the recent attempt to evict The Crawford Family in Nottingham (below).

If you have any questions/queries/problems regarding Bailiffs, DCA's, 
(re)possession /eviction orders, removing consent for TV 
licence/Council Tax etc etc ... You name it, we have the right people 
here to help you to deal with it, with numerous experienced and 
knowledgeable members who choose to specialise in dealing with 
different issues, we're here to help you!

9:01PM, FRI 25 JUL 2014


Nottingham eviction blocking was 'like a festival'

Last updated Fri 25 Jul 2014

UK Nottingham

The man who was due to be evicted from his home in Nottingham on 
Wednesday has told ITV News that the attempt to block that eviction 
was 'like a festival'.

Bailiffs were du to evict 63-year-old Tom Crawford, but couldn't 
after more than 200 people came to his house to prevent it, following 
a appeal on youtube.




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