2014 CLT Summer Newsletter: Funding, free events and much much more...

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The school holidays it is, but the silly season 
it ain't. We've got five exciting new funding 
sources to tell you about, along with a host of 
free events up and down the country, a tremendous 
list of milestone CLT achievements and plenty 
more. Not a word of it is hyped up, tenuously 
linked to Community Land Trusts or remotely silly 
in any way. We promise. Welcome to the unquestionably sensible...

2014 Summer Newsletter: Funding, free events and much much more...

Funding: A quick guide to the latest options

Urban CLT Project Now open for applications

The Urban CLT Project launched with a bang in 
Liverpool on 18th July, with a little help from 
our friends at Homebaked CLT and Granby 4 Streets 
here to see news and  materials from the event. 
And also 
out Ronnie Hughes' follow-up blog at asenseofplace.com.

Alongside events, training and peer networking, 
this project includes a grants programme offering 
up to £10,000 per project to support twenty 
pilot urban CLTs across England and Wales. Could 
you be one of our pilots? 
here to learn more. Applications to be one of ten 
pilots in the first round are due by midnight on 7 September 2014.

New CLT Fund Now open for applications

The CLT Fund supports people to provide 
affordable housing through a CLT.  There is a 
Start Up grant programme providing up to £5,500 
worth of funding and technical assistance, as 
well as the Social Investment Fund for CLTs ready 
to take their schemes to planning or get going 
onsite. <http://www.cltfund.org.uk/>Click here to 
find out more.This is a five year fund and 
applications can be made year round on an ongoing basis.

Custom Build Serviced Plots Loan Fund Now open for applications

The government have announced £150million of 
loan funding to help CLTs and other organisations 
provide serviced plots for people wishing to 
build or develop their own home. The first round 
of applications are due on 30th September. 
<http://www.communitylandtrusts.org.uk/CustomBuildFund>Click here to read more.

to Change <http://locality.org.uk/projects/power-change/>Register your interest

The Big Lottery Fund are launching a £150million 
programme of investment in 
enterprises, such as Community Land Trusts. As of 
autumn 2014, CLTs and other groups will be able 
to access grant funding via a Power to Change 
the meantime, you can get in touch to register 
your interest. Or, meet like-minded groups and 
find out more at one of the 
taking place across the country.

Urban Shop 
your interest

Another great opportunity for Urban CLTs. This 
programme of support and funding is targeted at 
volunteer-led organisations seeking to set up and 
run a local shop. It is an opportunity to apply 
for grant and loan funding of up to £60,000 to 
turn your plan into reality. 
<http://www.communityshops.coop/urban>Click here 
to find out more. You can also find out more at 
roadshow event in London on 25th September 2014.

Free Events for all! Dates for your diary in September - October 2014

Come along to one of the following fantastic 
events being hosted by our partners on a wide 
range of topics relevant to CLTs, and taking place across the country...

Communities Conference 2014

Thursday 4 September

Cheshire Community Action invite you to their 
annual conference in Crewe to meet and learn from 
others working in community-led development.

a Vision of Common Good Placemaking Monday 8 September

This event hosted by Shared Assets will be held 
at Letchworth Garden City and is a chance to 
explore cooperative and mutual approaches to 
making our towns and cities better places to live.

Urban Shop - London Event Thursday 25 September

Those interested in participating in the Plunkett 
Urban Shop funding programme can still make it to 
the final stop on the Our Urban Shop roadshow to 
find out more and meet and learn from inspirational examples.

How to develop community renewable energy Saturday 4 October

This conference, hosted by the Worker's 
Educational Association (WEA), is taking place in 
Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, and will be an opportunity 
to gain practical insight and advice on running 
community-led renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

of the Commons Thursday 9 - Saturday 12 October

This four day event being led by Transition by 
Design will bring citizens, activists and housing 
professionals to Hogacre Common in Oxford to 
discuss creative solutions to the housing crisis.

to Change Roadshow Events

Bringing change-makers together and publicising 
the new Big Lottery funding for community-led 
enterprises, these free events being run by 
Locality will stop at Leeds, Birmingham, London, 
Dartington, Manchester and West Lindsey. 
here to see the full list of dates.

Top Stories from the Network


How the Community Led Support Fund is helping CLTs grow in the South West

Powerstock and District CLT, Lyme Regis CLT, 
Cheriton Bishop CLT and Chagford Community Trust 
have all successfully bid to the Homes and 
Communities Agency (HCA) for funding to help put 
in planning applications for their schemes.

Community Led Project Support Fund is still open 
to applicants across England, though the HCA have 
advised that they are unlikely to consider 
applications received after October 2014, so if 
you're thinking of applying then be sure to do so 
sooner rather than later. Please don't hesitate 
to contact the National CLT Network for advice.

CLTs in Bournemouth and Devon open the doors to 
23 new permanently affordable homes...

2026 Trust made a brilliant debut with their 
eco-friendly and mixed-used scheme in Boscombe

Their eleven new shared ownership properties at 
Gladstone Mews are the first of many more 
developments to come, as the CLT are now hiring 
for a 
Project Development Manager. The homes were built 
in partnership with Bournemouth Borough Council 
and with the support of Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership.

determined, know where you're going and keep going"

These were the words of advice of Heather 
Stallard, chair of Upper Culm CLT, at the launch 
in July of their twelve new family-sized homes 
for rent and shared ownership in the Devon 
village of Hemyock. This project is a triumphant 
success for a CLT which formed just three summers 
ago in 2011. The homes were developed in 
partnership with Hastoe Housing Association and 
with the support of Wessex Community Assets.

Whilst two more CLTs celebrate achieving planning permission...

CLT now have the go-ahead for six affordable homes to rent in Botley

Jack Coates, co-chair of OCLT, said, "Funding is 
almost in place, but much depended on the outcome 
of the planning process to access some sources of 
finance, so we are now in a position to begin 
appointing contractors, with the hope of having 
six flats available for initial tenants in summer 2015."

and Wilburton CLT will be providing fifteen 
affordable homes and a doctor's surgery in their newly approved scheme

In keeping with the spirit and ethos of the CLT 
movement, over 250 locals were involved in 
pulling together the plans for the development, 
and looking at the quality of the plans, this 
approach has clearly paid off. The CLT, based in 
East Cambridgeshire, have partnered directly with 
a local developer, Laragh Homes, and have had 
some fantastic support from CLT East and East Cambridgeshire District Council.


  ...And self builders at Witherslack get their spades in the ground

Two local families in Witherslack, Cumbria, can 
now begin to see their homes emerge from the 
ground having successfully pinned down the self 
build mortgage finance they needed. The families 
have had complete control over the design and 
build of their new homes, which will be built on 
land gifted by the Witherslack Estate. This gift 
will be passed on to generations to come as legal 
covenants on the title documents control the resale value of the homes.

Helpful New Resources for CLTs

<http://localselfbuildregister.co.uk/>The Local 
Self Build Register has been launched!

Produced by Ecomotive, this is a brilliant and 
easy to use resource for self builders, Community 
Land Trusts and local authorities alike. Get 
using it to help find out about and demonstrate 
the demand for self build in your area, and also 
to publicise and find out about dedicated self build plots.

<http://greenfordable.com/clt/>CLTs, know your roots!

Check out this fantastic 
<http://greenfordable.com/clt/>digital archive of 
CLT history and theory which has been pulled 
together by our colleagues in the US. Particular 
highlights are the CLT Hall of Fame and the 
fantastic set of videos narrated by John Emmeus Davis.

Impact Living: A Field Guide to Ecological, Affordable Community Building

National Community Land Trust Network

70 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EL

<http://www.communitylandtrusts.org.uk/administration/newsletter/edit/info@communitylandtrusts.org.uk>info at communitylandtrusts.org.uk 
Telephone: 020 3764 1841

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