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>>Final Statement of the Conference of the Tribes of Libya, May 25, 2014
>>  in Imperialism, Libya, Social Justice, State Terrorism, United 
>> Kingdom, United States / on July 1, 2014 at 5:11 pm /
>>By Jamahiriya News Agency
>>Editorial Comment:
>>The following is a rough translation of the fifteen point 
>>declaration that concluded the conference of Libyan Tribes, hosted 
>>by the Rishvana tribe in the city of Al-Azizia, on May 25, 2014.
>>I invite readers to use a translator to read the entire statement 
>>and the Libyan Peoples National Movement's response.
>>As this is a legal and historical document, the only authentic 
>>version is the original draft statement in Arabic, as is published 
>>at the following link:
>>  Dissolve the illegitimate General National Congress.
>>  Abolish all laws passed by Congress and the government as they 
>> were created and implemented under intimidation and threat of armed force.
>>  Abolish all contracts and international agreements issued outside 
>> the bounds of legal jurisdiction that impact the economic and 
>> political sovereignty of Libya.
>>  Dissolve all militias, the military, security battalions, as all 
>> are illegitimate. They must surrender all weapons to the 
>> headquarters of the legitimate army and police. An attack on any 
>> region or tribe is an attack on all Libyans and will be confronted 
>> with the full force of all the Libyan people.
>>  Immediately declare a general amnesty that allows for the return 
>> of the displaced both inside the country and abroad. If they do 
>> not have Libyan blood on their hands and have not engaged in theft 
>> of money or property, they can actively participate in the work of 
>> reconciliation.
>>  The immediate release of all detainees and the eradication of all 
>> false charges against them.
>>  The return of the legitimate army, police and security agencies 
>> to restore order and the rule of law to the country.
>>  Immediately restore full citizenship rights to all Libyans.
>>  Address the root causes of the war.
>>  Provide equal treatment and respect for all those martyred and 
>> wounded during the war.
>>  The authority of governance of the country passes to the Supreme 
>> Council of Tribes until there is a genuine process of democratic 
>> parliamentary and presidential elections and the completion of a constitution.
>>  The army and police must return to their jobs immediately and 
>> protect the tribes and Libya's borders and territorial integrity.
>>  We call upon the United Nations Security Council, the African 
>> Union, the Arab League, the Community of Sahel-Sahara States, the 
>> Arab Maghreb Union, the European Union, the Islamic Conference and 
>> all international bodies and institutions, to bear witness, to 
>> stand with us and support this project of National Salvation, 
>> lending a helping hand.
>>  Rest assured, the Libyan tribes will safeguard individual rights, 
>> protect and defend national interests and will not permit any to 
>> be subjected to actions contrary to the rules and norms of international law.
>>  The Libyan Tribes unanimously reject all and any meetings, 
>> conferences, held under any name, unless they are held within 
>> Libyan territory, and the Libyan citizens and tribes are full participants.
>>  The Libyan Tribes invite and welcome all tribes and regions and 
>> civil institutions to join this national project and actively 
>> participate in it.

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