Direct democracy in a new Scottish constitution?

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In a letter to The Scotsman newspaper, Michael Duncan wrote, "Democracy 
is more than just about people voting for who governs them, it is also 
about having proper institutions that provide a check on the powers that 
government wields." (link) 

'Tis rather amusing that someone, from a UK perspective, offers the 
Scots advice about democracy.

Nevertheless the sentence quoted above is wise.

Certainly, a House of Lairds, as a second chamber of parliament, is not 
what we want or need. Nor is a constitutional court adequate to provide 
"checks and balances" in a parliamentary democracy. For constitutional 
matters perhaps, but for everyday politics of state, no.

A better way to scrutinise, supervise and, from case to case, correct 
our elected representatives would be to apply some methods of direct 
democracy. With "the brake" the people can veto a bad or unwanted 
government proposal or law -- using the optional referendum. With the 
"gas" (accelerator), an agreed, large number of citizens can put forward 
a proposal (citizens' initiative) which must go to binding referendum of 
the whole electorate.

Recently an expert in constitution wrote, "And for big decisions there 
is of course the referendum; if it is appropriate to use direst 
democracy to determine the independence question why not use it for 
other major decisions which Scots will make in the future?" (link) 

Campaign for direct democracy in Britain
Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R ~ GB  Link to site index  Election campaign call

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