Banging on about the Royal family - top of the feudal tree - God's reps on earth - wise up

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Recorded this interview tonight Royal family deeply involved here too - extremely rich and powerful behind the scenes - operating as monopoly landowners and through global 'Orders of Knighthood' kile Malta, St. John, Garter etc - -
 Certainly in Jersey, if not elsewhere they ARE the problem so I will bang on about them till kingdom come and ignore yr comments about 'conspiracy theories' ;-)

 Interview with Stuart Syvret, former Senator from Jersey. As a former Minister of Health and Social Services, he discusses child abuse in Jersey, and how there seemed to be a criminal conspiracy to cover it up and silence whistleblowers. How politics works in Jersey, it's tax haven status, and how it's The City of London's offshore backyard nicknamed 'Jersey or Jail'
 Program Information - State Of The City reports: Then Jews, Now Muslims: NATO Nazis descend on Newport|A-Infos Radio Project 
 Program Information - State Of The City reports: Then Je... The A-Infos Radio Project: Broadcast Quality Programming via the Internet
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