Yorkley Court's 'Common Law eviction' bailiff

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Sat Aug 30 23:22:52 BST 2014


This man is a 'Common Law' eviction bailiff.
He oversaw the failed attempt to evict Yorkley Court without going to 
court, without giving the occupants a chance to contest the eviction 
and without having to prove ownership of the land.

So what is a Common Law eviction??

Eviction of trespassers under Common Law

By David Carter on 25th January 2012

A person or group of people on land without the landowner's 
permission are deemed to be trespassers.
Whilst Government guidance to local authorities is that they seek a 
court order to remove trespassers from land owned or managed by the 
local authority, private landowners have more choice. They can still 
go down the court route of obtaining an order for possession, then 
transferring it to the High Court to obtain a writ of possession that 
is enforced by High Court Enforcement Officers, or they can use the 
ancient remedy of Common Law.
In fact, the landowner can obtain a court order and still choose to 
remove the trespassers under Common Law. Halsburys Laws of England 
(Paragraph 1400, Volume 45, 4th Edition) state that:
"If a trespasser peaceably enters or is on land, the person who is in 
or entitled to possession may request him to leave, and if he refuses 
to leave, remove him from the land using no more force than is 
reasonably necessary. This right is not ousted if the person entitled 
to possession has succeeded in an action at law for possession but 
chooses not to sue out his Writ."

Who will do it for you?
Traveller Evictions
Able Enforcements offer a completely legal alternative to time 
consuming legal proceedings for clients wishing to regain possession 
of land from travellers, gypsies or squatters.
We operate under Common Law along with Section 77 for Local 
Authorities and Section 61 of the Criminal Justice Act - we act as 
agents for landowners and Trespass Management companies alike.
If a site has been occupied by gypsies or travellers, our Bailiffs 
usually take legal possession of an occupied site within 24 to 48 
hours of being instructed.
If you have an immediate requirement, we can help you - we accept 
instructions from Land Agents, their Managers, Legal Professionals 
and landowners.

0845 370 7401
Certificated Bailiffs

No need for a Court Order
Regain possession of your land within 24-48 hours
We can act across the UK
Thorough understanding of the laws
Training to the Police and Legal Professionals
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