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Welcome to Education Lens
Jon Wynne-Tyson wrote in the introduction to The Extended Circle: the only way to save the world is to build into our education system the values – and critical thinking is key – that will combat the endless propaganda that society conditions young minds with.

Education Lens aims to correct the distortions of learning caused by a corporate controlled media. Only when young minds have access to the full context of a particular subject will they be able to think critically and question official narratives

Education Lens was originally conceived by Rippon Gupta on the Media Lens Message Board and Facebook page. Many people have since volunteered to help develop the idea into a platform not just for children but people of all ages. The goal is build this site as a collaborative project with material submissions and ideas for themes and discussions coming from anyone with a keen interest in the learning and development of the next generations.

If you wish to get in touch, please use our contact page or email at web at
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