The Ecologist: 'Fracking is the death spasm of a defunct economic order', 5th March 2014

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Fracking is the death spasm of a defunct economic order

Paul Mobbs, The Ecologist, 5th March 2014

"Political support for fracking is not just about energy, writes Paul
Mobbs. It reflects the greater ecological and resource crisis at the
root of our current economic woes - and only postpones the essential
shift to a new kind of economy."

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Hi all,

When I wrote this article I called it, "A Fistful of Train
Tickets" (which I still prefer!) -- increasingly I see the whole bizarre
issue as an absurdist spaghetti western ;-)

You can access my fully referenced version on my web site at --




"We are not for names, nor men, nor titles of Government,
nor are we for this party nor against the other but we are
for justice and mercy and truth and peace and true freedom,
that these may be exalted in our nation, and that goodness,
righteousness, meekness, temperance, peace and unity with
God, and with one another, that these things may abound."
(Edward Burrough, 1659 - from 'Quaker Faith and Practice')

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