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>1.BTF10: 'Mental health', big pharma and the new eugenics
>2.Feedback event on Breaking the Frame gathering, Saturday March 29th
>BTF10: 'Mental health', big pharma and the new 
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>Modern medicine is often trumpeted as one of the greatest examples 
>of technological progress.  But technocratic medicine also has a 
>very dark side:
>    * Side effects of drugs are in the top ten causes of premature deaths
>    * Continuing historic eugenic tendencies under the rubric of 
> reproductive choice, pre-natal testing prevents the birth of 
> thousands of disabled people
>    * The medicalisation of mental distress serves the financial 
> interest of drug companies but often fails to address the real 
> problems of highly vulnerable people
>Meanwhile, as the NHS suffers increasing privatisation, the 
>government wants to sell our electronic medical records to the 
>pharmaceutical industry. This event will explore how genomics and 
>other high-tech medical trends are detracting from public health 
>approaches and basic human-centred treatment.
>When: 7pm April 14th 2014
>Where: NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE! Feminist Library, 5 Westminster Bridge 
>Road, London SE1 7XW
>Micheline Mason, a writer and leading advocate of inclusive 
>education will discuss the rights of disabled people and the history 
>of eugenics
>Redmond O'Hanlon from the Critical Psychiatry Network will look at 
>the problems of drug-based psychiatry and how this serves the 
>interests of the pharmaceutical industry
>There will be a speaker on government plans to allow drug companies 
>access to the NHS medical records database.
>For more info contact luddites200 at yahoo.co.uk, or visit 
>2.Feedback event on Breaking the Frame gathering, Saturday March 29th
>The Breaking the Frame Gathering on the politics of technology is 
>now close, and we want to encourage your organisation to get 
>involved and to give us input on how the gathering can be most 
>useful to your campaign.  To this end we are repeating the very 
>successful meeting held in February, on March 29th, from 1pm to 5.30pm.
>This will be a great opportunity to meet other organisations in the 
>nascent politics of technology network that we are building. The aim 
>of the event is to gather ideas and get your input for the 
>gathering.  We'd love to know what you think about which 
>organisations and people to invite and the structure of the 
>programme, as well as what will make the gathering work for 
>you.  There will be time for discussion of the ideas behind the 
>gathering, including playing the Luddites200 technology politics game.
>The event will be at the Common House 
>(http://www.commonhouse.org.uk/), Unit 5E (press the buzzer), 5 
>Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, London E2 9QG, from 1pm-5pm 
>(bring lunch to share from 12.15). If you're coming, it's important 
>to let us know, by replying to this message or by texting 07854 256040.

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