Putin's a Nazi..? & over 1/2 million Charles' subjects face repossession

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Prince Charles Likens Putin to Adolf Hitler: Nick Clegg to the Rescue
[Private conversations in front of the world's press????? ed.]
Mr Clegg told BBC Radio 5 live: "I certainly 
support his right to speak freely, particularly 
in conversations that are private."
Ms Ferguson's said: "I was very surprised that he 
made the comment as I know they [members of the 
Royal Family] aren't meant to say these things.
Labour and Co-operative Party MP Mike Gapes, 
criticised Prince Charles alleged remarks on his twitter account.
"It is for Parliament and government to use 
appropriate language to condemn illegal 
annexation of Crimea. Prince should stop free lance foreign policy"
"If Prince Charles wants to make controversial 
statements on national or international issues he 
should abdicate and stand for election."
The Unlawful Killing Film of Princess Diana 
(Sneak Preview) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnzmk1E6QmE

Eviction Britain: More than half a million face having their homes repossessed

OWEN Wednesday 21 May 2014
More than half a million Britons are facing 
eviction from the homes they own or rent, 
according to a new analysis of possession claims 
served on households by the courts during the past year.
The scale of the crisis equates to more than 
4,000 households being at risk of losing their 
home each week, Shelter warned today, while more 
than 215,000 possession claims have been served 
on people since April last year.
In some parts of the country the situation is so 
bad that one in 34 households is in danger of 
being repossessed, according to the charity’s 
analysis of county court records from England 
between April 2013 and March 2014.
Newham in London tops a list of hotspots revealed 
by Shelter, with one in 34 households having had 
possession claims made against them in the past 
year. It is closely followed by Barking and 
Dagenham, and Southwark, at one in 35 and one in 
38 respectively. While London boroughs – where 
house prices are highest - dominate the list, it 
is a national problem. Nottingham (the number one 
hotspot outside of London with one in every 54 
homes at risk), Peterborough (one in 60) and 
Salford (one in 60) also feature in the top 20 worst hit places.
In terms of regions, London is the worst hit with 
one in 56 households affected. In contrast, in 
the south west just one in 172 households have 
been served the legal notices, which are the 
first stage in a process which can result in 
someone being evicted from a home they own or rent.
Despite the political rhetoric around economic 
recovery, the reality is that growing numbers of 
families are still set to struggle financially in 
the future, claim campaigners. And with the 
majority of families already struggling month to 
month with their housing costs and interest rates 
set to rise, many could soon hit danger levels, warned the charity last night.
“These staggering figures show just how many 
families go through the trauma of learning that 
their home is at risk, every single week,” 
commented Campbell Robb, chief executive of 
Shelter. “Just one thing such as a job loss or 
serious illness can tip any of us in to a 
downward spiral that puts our home at risk.”
He added: “Getting advice early is the best way 
to halt the spiral of rent or mortgage arrears 
and can mean the difference between losing a home and keeping it.”
Responding to the news, Housing Minister Kris 
Hopkins said: “Official Government statistics 
show repossession claims are falling and in the 
last quarter were at their lowest for a decade. 
This has only been achieved because of this 
Government’s long-term economic plan, which is 
fixing the broken housing market and tackling the record deficit we inherited.”
He added: “We have kept interest rates low, home 
ownership is now at its most affordable rate 
since 2007 and mortgage approvals are at a 
six-year high. However, anyone facing the 
prospect of losing their home should seek advice 
and speak to their lender early so they have as many options as possible.”
The situation is likely to worsen, with more than 
two million homeowners set to struggle to make 
repayments on their mortgages if interest rates 
rise, according to a new report published on 
Monday by the Resolution Foundation.

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