Land League: Angry row with minister/developer caught on video

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Fighting Irish - Land League April 2014 Conference
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Minister John Perry accused of getting ‘soft 
loans’ in angry row with property developer caught on video 


A FINE GAEL Minister has been angrily confronted 
on video by a property developer and accused of 
taking "soft loans" from banks while farmers in 
his constituency are being "thrown off farms"

Junior Minister 
Perry was giving an address to an business 
network meeting in Dublin this week when he was 
confronted by developer Jerry Beades, a  member 
of the lobby group, the New Land League.
Mr Beades, who is a former member of the 
Fail national executive and an associate of TD 
McGrath, interrupted the meeting demanding to 
know why Mr Perry as a minister was being given 
special treatment by the banks while others were 
being evicted from their homes and farms.
Mr Perry said that he did not get any special treatment from banks.
Last year, Sligo-based Mr Perry and his wife 
consented to a €2.5 million judgment against them 
by Danske Bank for unpaid loans. It emerged that 
the minister later received a loan from 
state-owned AIB, despite his considerable credit issues.
Mr Beades said at the meeting: "You got €2.5 
million, how did you get €2.5 million out of AIB? 
Danske Bank have judgments against while people 
of Roscommon are being put out of farms. You got 
a soft touch, you haven't answered in the Dail, 
you haven't answered your parliamentary colleagues.
"Can you please answer the question of how you 
got loans? You haven't disclosed it, you are a 
public representative. You should be disclosing 
it. The people of Roscommon and Leitrim want to know how you got soft loans."
"I didn't get soft loans," the minister is heard responding.
"Yes you got soft loans," Beades is seen replying 
as organisers of the meeting attempted to intervene.
When the MC of the event is heard saying that the 
minister might “deal with the question at the end 
of the meeting during a questions and answers 
session”. But Mr Beades demanded answers immediately.
"The minister has refused to answer these 
questions for the past number of months, I'm 
sorry for interrupting the meeting. The people 
asked us to come here to ask the questions the 
minister won’t answer in the parliament," Mr Beades said.
The confrontation took place at a public meeting 
on Tuesday evening in the EU offices In Molesworth Street.
Mr Beades and his fellow protesters agreed to 
leave only when 
The video of the confrontation was posted on 
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