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>Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 17:38:27 +0100
>Subject: Fwd: Invite to commons jam session Sun April 26th
>From: tim Flitcroft <timactivist at>
>I thought  you would like to know about this 
>Commons Jam session this coming Sunday as it is 
>not another meeting but a do-it-yourself day 
>about discovering all the great self organizing 
>groups in London and elsewhere. Briefly the idea 
>is that bringing all these groups together in a 
>Commonfest in July we can help create a movement 
>of people who are interested in protecting 
>something they feel involved in, where they have 
>a sense of an alternative way of doing things 
>that is already a reality and building for a 
>movement to reclaim the commons stolen by 
>privatisation and processes of state control.
>This obviously aligns us with existing protest 
>groups like anti-fracking groups, climate 
>action, alternative ideas of democaracy, 
>anti-landgrabs etc but with the difference that 
>we have some working alternatives to offer.
>I have copied out the invite from Facebook for 
>also there is a great 5min video which gives a good idea of the commons
>Please pass this invite on to people you think might be interested
>Â Â Â
>Sunday at 14:00–18:00
> >Â Â Â
>Central Station Pub, 37 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross LONDON N1 9SD
>Do you know of any exciting projects 
>experimenting with alternative forms of managing and sharing resources?
>A community garden, a hackspace, an energy co-op, 

>Or of groups who are prottecting common 
>resources from State or Market capture?
>Library sell-offs, land grabbing, patents & copyright, water ownership, etc
>Come along to a Commons Jam Session and 
>participate in mapping out these amazing groups and projects!
>Together we will build together a database that 
>will be available to everyone online. No skills 
>are required, and even if you don’t know of 
>any projects, you can use this workshop to 
>research and discover yourself some hidden gems.
>For what?
>Commons Rising is a new group set up with the 
>aim to share knowledge & connect experiences on 
>the Commons. We would like this database to be a first step in this process.
>We are also in the process of organising a 
>Commons Fest in July and we would like to invite 
>some of the groups we discover together to 
>present their great work there. Together we can 
>learn what these diverse groups share and how we 
>can create a force for social and ultimately political change.
>The Commons Jam Session will also be an 
>opportunity to learn more about the Commons Fest 
>and how you can get involved. We are a small 
>group of people and would love to have other enthusiastic people join in!
>The afternoon will be divided into two parts:
>- A short talk and discussion on the Commons and 
>on the project of the database and the CommonsFest.
>- A hands on workshop where we collectively 
>research and collect the data into a common resource.
>Just come along with a computer or a device that 
>can connect to the internet. We will provide the 
>wireless and the online platform.
>And why not bring along something to share to 
>make the event itself a fun and sharing 
>activity. Do you have an extra computer someone can use on the day?
>Or can you bring some fruit or biscuits to keep the energy flowing?
>We are living in a world where hierarchical 
>political and economical structures not only no 
>longer serve us well, but are depleting our 
>common resources and destroying those important 
>relationships between people and nature 
>necessary for life on this planet.We're 
>convinced that these projects are the seeds for 
>creating all types of solutions to the many 
>issues we are faced with. We perceive a yearning 
>for alternatives all around us and we are eager 
>to discover, reveal and learn from real 
>experiences to provide hope and direction for ourselves and others.
>We realise that new ideas need to be tested in 
>real life and nothing will happen without our 
>active and intentional engagement in building 
>new enabling structures in all aspects of our lives.
>What do we mean by the Commons?
>We understand Commoning as the act of people 
>self-organising to co-govern and/or co-produce 
>resources that they recognise as important for 
>their livelihood and well-being. These resources 
>can be physical or knowledge based. A Common is 
>formed by a resource and the act of Commoning 
>which defines our relationship with the resource.
>Who is Commons Rising?
>We are a diverse group of people coming from 
>different fields and experiences who have joined 
>together to organise a free not for profit event 
>on the Commons in 2015. This event fits into our 
>broader aspiration of building together 
>practical knowledge of the Commons that can be 
>shared widely, inspire and attract many others and have a long lasting effect.
>You can’t make it to the event but would like to contribute?
>Just add the groups you know here on the page, 
>we will add them to the database. And if you 
>want to get involved more with Commons Rising, just get in touch!
><mailto:info at>info at
>Check out the video on this page:

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