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Check in point and where to buy your day tickets, course tickets and 
Wilderness Gathering T. Shirts.

The hub of the Gathering and where we endeavour to assist you with 
your problems and answer any questions you may have. Its also where 
you bring yourself if you are injured or require medical assistance.

Food and drink available throughout the weekend includes:

Eveyrthing Under the Bun supplying amazing hot food cooked on-site - 
the full English breakfast, bison burgers throughout the day and 
delicious evening meals

Coffee and Cake wonderful home-made cakes, organic coffee and tea. 
Dave and Iona are back again with their phenomenal range of delicious 
treats - all served with a smile and a pinch of sarcasm!

Cider Man James again returns with his range of ciders, beers and 
mead. Come and taste what cider should be like

An opportunity for you to bring your unwanted or surplus Bushcraft 
kit and put in up for sale on this stand.

Wilderness Gathering has had a long association with various Scout 
groups almost since the very first Gathering, this year we are 
pleased to welcome:

Avon Scout Group - Simon Crowden whilst offering his and the scouts 
help with the site waste management will be actively recruiting 
scouts and leaders as well as running a small fairtrade stand in aid 
of the Scout movement.
Hampshire Scout Group
1st Trowbridge Scout Group

You will see them helping out all over the site and have become an 
integral part of the Gathering so in passing show your appreciation 
to the lads for all their help.


Want recognition and acknowledgement for having the best trade stand 
at the Gathering? For 2015, Roger and Dominic are continuing to 
encourage all traders to bring stands and displays that echo our 
Eco-Organic theme and reflect the ethos of Bushcraft, we will be 
giving an award for the stand that best represents this.


1948 Original Equipment has been conceived from experience, necessity 
and a desire to shape the future. Many great explorers, sportsmen and 
pioneers have made subtle modifications to their equipment to make 
tomorrow a little better.  A group of friends, following in these 
footsteps, decided to do the same and 48 OE was born. We are a 
specialist company that provides equipment, clothing and gear for 
anyone interested in expeditions, travel and the great outdoors.
Tel:0333 444 1948 Email: 
<>sales at 

Selling traditional leather goods
Tel: 07821011736 Email: 
<>dan at 

Knives, tools, fire steels and cooking gear.
Tel: 01709 363127 Facebook 'Andrew Kirkham'

Bronze casting with two clay furnaces-bronze knives and jewellery 
Ancient pottery flint knapping-flint jewellery jewellery 
making-bronze age textiles All from a living history.

Timberhitch Archery target practice for all ages. Various weights of 
Bow provided.

British Military surplus field kitchen kit and expedition equipment.
Tel: 01405862208 Website: 

The purpose of this, the official Association of Polelathe Turners & 
Greenwood Workers web site, is to promote green woodworking and all 
its associated crafts so that once again the woodlands of the world 
are nurtured and valued as a source of employment and enjoyment.
membership at

Backwoods' aim is to teach students not only how to survive, but to 
thrive in the natural environment - as our ancestors did and as many 
indigenous peoples still do. We equip our students, not with 
expensive kit, but with the knowledge and skills to face the 
challenge of moving from a comfortable modern existence to one of 
self-reliance, building a closer relationship with nature.
Tel: 0141 641 2055 Website: 

We are a small family run company with several generations of 
practical experience in the great outdoors going back over 30 years.
Our aim is to offer you a selection of quality, well researched, 
value for money products combined with a first class service to help 
you lighten the load and get even more from your outdoor experience. 
After all ........ 'minimum weight - maximum fun'
Tel:01684 311248 Email: 
<>info at 

Bushcraft knives,parangs, axes and crook knives. Leatherwork 
including knife sheaths,pouches,saw sheaths and axe covers. 
Demonstartions of sharpening and of leatherwork.
Tel:01886 880410 Email: 
<>info at 

Bushcraft leather goods, knife, axe and saw sheaths. Firesteels and 
exotic wood and antlet jewellery.
<>beneaththestars at 

Welcome to Beyond2000BC where you are invited to rediscover the world 
of our ancient ancestors. Offering a unique range of workshops, 
events and products, designed to reconnect you with the ways of the 
past, we invite you to come and share a prehistorc experience.
<>07843 019 
994 Website: 

Handmade Bushcraft knives by Roger Harrington. The exclusive Bison 
Bushcraft clothing range including wool shirts and jackets. Axes, 
cookware, campfire tripods, sleeping bags, handmade leather goods and 
all your Bushcraft needs.
Contact Roger Harrington on Tel: 0845 8387062 or Email: 
<>info at 

Black bear bushcraft are a bushcraft course and workshop provider 
offering bow making, back country cooking, wildlife tracking and 
wilderness expeditions to Africa and Norway. On the stand you will 
find forged cooking and firelighting equipment.
Tel: 01452912368/07737828280 or Email: 
<>mail at 

The premier magazine dedicated to Bushcraft and written by experts.
<>info at 

Meet and greet the team, Fire by friction, tee shirts, hoodies and 
copies of the magazine.
<>thebushcraftjournal at 

Affordable secondhand knives, kit and tools..
<>bushtrader at 

We offer naturally grown, hand gathered tools. Tools that gave 
mankind an advantage in the evolutionary race of life. Dustin will be 
demonstraing the Fire Piston.
Tel: 07967587979 Email: 
<>enquiries at 

Spoon, bowl and bow making, general green woodworking, peg loom 
weaving,spinning, clay modelling, Leaf and flower art. Sale of own 
made spoon carving knives and stools.

Beadwork, crafts, jewellery, materials. Crafts including leatherwork, 
quillwork, birch bark, bows, paddles and woven goods. Ciled basketry, 
making things with buckskins, drop spinning, hand weaving and arrow 
making.Tel: 07813005765 or email: 
<>info at 

Handcrafted Walking Sticks. Demonstration of stickmaking with 
finished products on display and for sale.
Contact Charles Hutcheon on Tel: 01903 205015 or Email: 
<>c.hutcheon at

Bushcraft, fishing, foraging, cooking and survival /off-grid living 
with Fraser Christian. Courses and expeditions - Professional skills 
from professionals.
Tel: 07702 104644 Email: 
<>coastalsurvival at 

Jerky: Beef, horse, rabbit, kangaroo, zebra, goat, tofu, mushroom, 
biltong, dried sausages, fruit leathers, smoked pickles and sauces.
Contact: Martin Cowley Tel: 01443 433506 Email - 
<>martinsjerkedmeats at

Demonstrating blacksmithing with his Iron Age forge, making blades 
and steels upon request. Also demonstrating freehand sharpening with 
waterstones. There will be a selection of his handmade knives, tools 
and other bushcraft kit for sale as well as the opportunity to sign 
up for his courses.
Tel: 0776 4742569 Email: 
<>buddknives at 

Forges,Cooking Gear, Tools, Metal work, Wax, Fire Making supplies.
TeL: 07973354483 or Email: 
<>irondwarf at

With over 70 years'  experience as a family run business buying and 
selling Army Surplus and associated products we have established a 
system for ( almost ! ) getting it RIGHT.
Tel: 01392 433331 Website: 

Bespoke Knives,custom leatherwork,hand carved wooden sculptures, 
knife making supplies.
Tel: 07920485305 Website: 

Chris Matthews sells all knife making supplies and ready made knives.
Tel: 01797 369424/01797 369100 Email: 
<>chris at<> 

Handmade Knives with a Celtic and Viking influence Handmade yew bows 
Handmade leather items including bracelets, sheaths, pirate tricorn 
and top hats, face masks and arm guards.
Tel: 07876550706

The black and white tents you see in use around the show ground used 
as classrooms and stands, plus bell tents and other canvas tents.
Tel: 07801296255 or Website: 

Eco-friendly outdoor kits. Tents, tipis, tarps and shelters made 
using the most environmentally friendly materials and methods 
currently available.
Contact Marcus Allam on Tel: 0845 5082814 or Email: 
<>info at 

Maker of fine, handmade knives for bushcraft, field sports, 
woodcarving and the kitchen. Knives available from stock or made to 
your specification.
Tel: 01702 562141 Email: 
<>tim at 

Armchair herb walk- we bring the herbs to you.Distilling for 
essential oils and medicinal waters as used in Culpepers time.
Distilling without a still. Display and information on herbal first aid.
Tel: 01803 315012 or Email: 
<>info at 

We offer a great selection of Bushcraft and Survival courses starting 
with our day courses, which are designed to give you an Insight into 
Bushcraft, through to advanced weekend courses.
Tel: 07598 491989 Email: 
<>adam at 

Jackie Saull-Hunt, collecting and processing medicinal herbs. Herbal 
First Aid. Herb walk meeting point. Lotion and Potion Making.
Tel: 01424 871679 Email: 
<>jackie.saullhunt at

Our lives revolve around leather. We source it, we make it, we print 
it and most importantly, we quality assure it for our customers. So 
if you make, mend or adapt anything from leather give us a go. Many 
of the associated products can also be used with other materials such 
as fabrics, wood, willow, clay and much more. We'll try our best to 
give excellent service and impress you.
Tel: 07970 698115 Email: 
<>sales at 

I am a spoon carver who lives and works on Dartmoor in Devon. I carve 
spoons and Kuksa from green wood, using the three main bushcraft 
tools. The Knife, Axe and Hook Knife. I find spoon carving gives me a 
greater understanding of these tools as I can demonstrate a precision 
of craft in the finished spoon.
Tel: 01626 833968 Website: 

Food preservation and fermenting workshops and demonstrations.
Tel: 0208 3202279 Website: 

Blacksmith demos and handmade metalwork.
Tel: 01227 830769 Email: 
<>kaoschoppers at

Interactive knot tying demonstration and instruction. Coyote and 
Coyote kids instruction
Tel: 0117 986 7146

Lonescout Bushcraft is born of a lifetime of working with people and 
a passion for the outdoors.
Understanding that not everyone has the ability or the desire to 
spend an extended period of time outdoors, Lonescout Bushcraft can 
bring elements of the adventure to you.
As an Accredited Practitioner with the Institute for Outdoor Learning 
and a holder of their Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certificate 
Ian Cresswell offers a flexible response to your Bushcraft and 
Survival educational needs.
Tel: 07971 197109 Website: 

Lovingtons Ice Cream. Real Dairy Ice Cream, various flavours.
Tel: 01452 314091 Email - 
<> at

Dorset based blacksmith trading in aside range of campfire cookware.
Tel: 07966728966 Website: 

Mobile blacksmiths and makers of Rocket stoves. Ongoing blacksmith 
demos throughout the weekend.

Handmade and Collectable Knives.
Tel: 07903 870515 Email: 
<>sales at 

Portable solar chargers, non solar power banks, solar panel chargers.

Pocket knives, stalking knives, fish filleting knives, larder knives 
and sharpening equipment.
Tel: 01747 830418 Website: 

Clay washing, natural body care and cleaning, practical 
demonstrations, from a National Eco-Award Winning Company. Clay, alum 
deodorant, argan oil, soapnuts, insect bite relief, shaving soaps, 
sponges, parasite cleanses. Cleaning with soapnuts and hemp oil soft soap.
Contact Sally Mittuch Tel: 01379 588100 or freephone 0800 023 5008 or 
<>mail at<> 

Take a Journey back to the iron age and learn the ancient art of 
metalwork with blacksmith Simon Summers. Hand craft your own tools 
and pendants and use the technique of repousse to create Celtic 
copper bangles and sacred offerings. With a charcoal powered forge 
powered by leather bellows. Oak Clan Forge invites adults and 
children to sit by the fire and explore their hidden potential to 
create ancient treasures.

Enamel hanging cooking pots, grills, paella pans, fire pits with 
tripods. Colourful enamel water carriers, jugs, mugs and bowls for 
all your outdoor adventuring.

Registered Homeopath Practitioner will be giving talks.
Tel: 020 8269 1336 Email: 
<>philomena.nalty at

International Guild of Knot Tyers. Knot Tying Demonstrations and 
hands on instruction at his stand.
Tel: 0117 9867146 Email: 
<>richard at 

Sharpening and care of axes. Safety in use of axes - felling, side 
axe, froe adze. Demonstrations of the above including public 
participation with own axe.
Tel: 01237 425278 Email: 
<>rowlandjones09 at

The RSPB is the country's largest nature conservation charity, 
inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, 
we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and 
countryside will teem with life once again. We also play a leading 
role in a worldwide partnership of nature conservation organisations.
Tel: 01752 224096 Website: 

A fountain of knowledge on historic crafts and technology, Pete and 
Joyce Butler bring their demonstrations and  hand-made leather, wood 
and antler wares for sale to The Gathering.
Contact Pete Butler on Tel: 01424 772351 Email: 
<>svcrafts at

Serious Outdoor Skills is all about developing your knowledge of 
survival, bushcraft and wilderness skills. Our courses and sessions 
are aimed at catering for all your outdoor needs whilst delivering 
professional, informative and fun tuition. We also believe that a 
hands on experience is the best way to learn so prepare to get stuck 
in. Our expert instructors have countless years of outdoor experience 
ensuring that you get the most out of your visit.
Tel: 01822259249/07730278108 

Hampshire Explorer Scouts and Avon Scouts Stand for Scouting 
Recruitment, demonstrations of scouting skills designed to show the 
kinds of things youngsters can expect from modern scouting.
Jim Cook on 02380 422098, Simon Crowden on 07968 484766 Email: 
<>simoncrowden at 
<>jimcook1 at 

Take a Journey back to the iron age and learn the ancient art of 
metalwork with blacksmith Simon Summers.
Hand craft your own tools and pendants and use the technique of 
repousse to create Celtic copper bangles and sacred offerings. With a 
charcoal powered forge powered by leather bellows. Oak Clan Forge 
invites adults and children to sit by the fire and explore their 
hidden potential to create ancient treasures.
Tel: 07791511941 or Facebook: 

Traditional Firemaking equipment, tinder boxes, sharpening equipment, 
diamond stones, sharpening kits, handmade leather goods, belts, 
pouches and strops.
Contact Mark Hordon Tel: 01634 241049 Email: 
<>info at 

Have a go axe throwing stand.

Welcome to Step-Out, a Community Interest Company and the home of 
outdoor learning and experiences. For over 10 years Sarah Robertshaw, 
APIOL has been working with children and adults in the outdoors using 
the natural environment as a tool to inspire people. Coming initially 
from a youthwork and counselling background Sarah turned her skills 
to development training, teambuilding and then bushcraft and Forest 
School. As a Forest School Training Centre, join the Step-Out team 
for Forest School programmes - specialising in behaviour - OCN Forest 
School practitioner awards, 'Challenging Behaviour' WMOCN accredited 
courses, CPD training, mountain bike programmes, bushcraft 
experiences and training, person centred counselling and outdoor 
therapy or corporate days - live life, step-out!
Tel: +44 (0) 7962 446 886 Email: 
<>livelife at 

Fire lighting tools, sharpening tools, water purification aids plus 
an extensive range of Bushcraft and survival equipment and courses. 
Contact: Survival School on Tel: 08712227304 - 
<>jonny at 

Survival and Medical is run by former Search & Rescue winch man Ian 
Bonthrone and serves to provide training that is realistic and supply 
products that are suitable for those venturing off the beaten track.
Tel: 01255 886809 Email: 
<>ian at 

Hand cooked pancakes served hot and fresh straight from the pan with 
sweet and savoury fillings.
Tel: 07889 788629 or Email: 
<>info at

Handstitched leathergoods including bags,belts, pouches and knife sheaths
Tel: 01425 839642 
tiborleather at 

Fantastic Swedish modern tipi shaped tents that also come with a 
woodburning stove.
Contact Roger Harrington on Tel: 0845 8387062 - Email: 
<>moskoselkatan at

High quality handmade leather goods and hide tanning demonstrations
Tel: 07530477501 - Website: 

Raw materials no longer available in DIY stores, leather, rivets, 
nails, ropes, tools, antler, waxes etc
Contact Daniel Clark on Tel: 01206 393780 - Email: 
<>danjdclark at 

Demonstrations and Bushcraft Equipment. Our courses cover a wide 
variety of subjects aimed at a variety of levels, but each and every 
one of them are designed to give you a fun experience within 
beautiful & relaxed surroundings.
Contact Jason Ingamells on Tel: 0784 3064114 or Email: 
<>info at 

Bushcraft and Tracking Course Providers. For a small deposit you will 
be able to purchase our popular Tracking courses at a show discount. 
The course packs will include free gifts to help you commence or 
continue your journey into the ancient art of tracking.
Tel: 07787 563140 or Email: 
<>pablo at 
or Website: 

Wilderness Survival Skills are based in Wiltshire and teach a wide 
range of skills including Bushcraft and Survival Techniques, 
Basketry, Green Woodcarving, Primitive Tools, Hideworking and 
wilderness navigation. We will also be selling copies of 'The 
Wilderness Survival Guide' signed by the author along with various 
traditional handmade items.
Contact Joe O'Leary on Tel: 0771 8078619 - 

Handcrafted felted wool forest animal sculptures, feathers bones and 
skulls, fungi tinder and birch bark containers, bone cases, leather 
Saami herder bags and more!
Tel: 07837420494 Email: 
<>willowlohr at 

Dave Watsons' stall selling lots of Bushcraft stuff including Wooden 
whistles and Friction firelighting kits. Fire Lighting Demonstrations.
Contact Dave Watson on Tel: 01283 730851 - 

Wyldwood Willow is a small business that was established in 2000. My 
aim is to re-educate people in the versatility and sustainability of 
this natural craft which i do by running and teaching workshops 
throughout the year. I keep in stock many types of baskets that i 
make during the year to provide the customer with a natural and 
beautiful handmade product.
Tel: 07816 005251Website: 

Welcome to Wynnchester Camp & Adventure - home of the Wynnchester 
Canvas Bedroll. We design and develop fine quality heritage-inspired 
camping and adventure gear. Our range of tough, functional camp gear 
uses traditional materials and designs and is based on principles of 
simplicity, durability, heritage and functionality, typified by our 
tough canvas bedrolls based on the North American 'cowboy bedrolls' 
and Australia's canvas 'swag'.
We also source and refurbish classic canvas military gear bringing 
back to active service the very best, most bomb-proof and durable 
European military rucksacks ever made, and technically-outstanding 
but all-natural vintage military wool clothing and other robust 
vintage camp gear.
Contact Kevin on Tel: 01275 892643 
Email:<>kevin at 

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