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Dear All,
Sorry for the delay/s, (explained in brief in today's Wordpress blog as AnEarthMother linked on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
I had a fantastic meeting in October with the Senior Planning Strategy Manager at North Norfolk District Council, Mark Ashwell, as shown in the meeting notes forwarded to you now below.
Sadly, since the meeting, I've been focussed on (A) preparing legal case notes and report for HMRC Inland Revenue/Tax Credits for our appeal against their decision to axe child tax benefits for my daughter, and in attending the two hearings for our appeal - and in finally winning our right to appeal against HMRC decision, (B) writing our case for the prosecution of the fraudulent suppliers of the vehicle that didn't work properly and which was seriously faulty - trying to get some (free) legal representation (we currently have none), and (C) delivering 'Good Luck' - as I have to earn 'something' in order to put the food on the table - without (obviously) living in an Eco-Village.
Basically, I've just spent seven months writing circa 2000 pages of draft copy notes to write to our local constituency MP - who is Conservative MP Keith Simpson - only to write eleven pages to Norman Lamb MP instead, (albeit that he isn't our Constituency MP now, he was when our case file was first opened in 2008, (and he was also the constituency MP for the area in which the field we became stuck upon in 2012 was located).  Plus, he already knew of our aims too, from a meeting in 2008, (and very briefly in 2011 at the opening ceremony of Voluntary Norfolk's Mechant's Place offices in Cromer) - anyway, I'll forward this on separately once I've edited it.  (I'll also forward on the email I sent to Keith Simpson MP in December 2014 - to which Keith Simpson responded by asking me for more information, a slight problem given the mass of evidence we've gained...!)  
For now, here is the meeting notes, regarding 'the land' needed for CLTs for Eco-Village (type) community settlements.  (I was going to forward this on after I had emailed the local MPs, but met a woman in Fakenham last week who asked me to forward these notes on, regarding alternative travel plans, hence am forwarding on to all now instead.)
If it helps anyone, then it's all to the good - and, if we can network the live fund-raising event as we had intended in 2012 - then (perhaps) we will (all) finally find our feet in clover, (organic of course)!
All Best Regards,

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Dear Mark,
Please find attached draft meeting notes from our meeting on Friday - please can you verify and/or edit these and confirm that you are happy for networking these out?
Also attached are some of the documents referred to at our meeting, together with thesis_final (by Joe - Permaculture), which I feel will help to resolve the questions regarding how proposals can comply with Planning Policy.
Hoping that all is in order - if you need any more information, please email this address or ring  01263 479517, (lots more referenced draft copies and downloaded PDFs available if needed).
Best Regards,
Linda Beamish

 tree ark community site blanked.pdf​​
 Sustainable Community (Subsidiary Diploma) pdf.pdf​​
 Global Ark Projects presentation Parish 2A.pdf​​
 Meeting Notes v1 MA LB NNDC.doc​

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